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Sleep Your Way To Great Skin


Our skin works hard for us. Despite hours of heavy makeup, being brutally punished by British weather and regularly dehydrated by air conditioning or central heating, our skin keeps on protecting us, however in order to look our best we need to invest in our skin with these top tips to maintaining a youthful glow.

Night time is associated with rest and rejuvenation, and although this is true, our skin is actually working at its hardest during the night to repair any damage sustained during the day and restore the skins hydration levels. With this in mind, applying a little extra TLC to your skin before your bedtime routine can go a long way in helping to replenish lost moisture and nutrients.

Clean Up Your Act

The first rule of great skin is to always cleanse before you go to bed. Never sleep in a face full of makeup, even if you only wear tinted moisturiser because your pores will be blocked and unable to breathe, and the oils and dirt will work their way deep in to your skin resulting in breakouts and enlarged pores. A quick three step skin care routine is easy to implement and will make a huge difference to your complexion within the first week. Also ensure that you use separate products for your eyes and face, the eyes are much more delicate and will require much smaller amounts of gentler products that do not build up to cause puffiness.

All Hail Vitamin A

Our skin’s connective tissue is held together by the protein collagen, named after the Greek word ‘kolla’ meaning glue. Collagen keeps our skin plump and firm, however it’s production decreases as we age, therefore using a collagen boosting production our skin care routine is essential. Vitamin A can significantly stimulate the collagen production process in our skin, and so helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles and decrease the size of enlarged pore. Vitamin A can be found in several serums and anti ageing moisturisers so give your face a natural life with this ingenious supplement.

Me, Myself and Eye

Eyes are incredibly sensitive, and the skin around our eyes and eyelids is paper thin, therefore required special attention in the skin care routine. As we age this skin becomes thinner still and can result in ageing dark under eye circles, so pamper your peepers with specialist eye creams or serums containing super vitamins A, C, E or K to promote skin repair. When applying eye serums or creams ensure that you don’t drag the skin, rather just pat the product along the eye socket bone and allow the skin to absorb it naturally.

Get Great Skin On Your Back

We all have a preferred sleeping position, however even the side we lay on most often can affect our skin as this side of our face will often have more wrinkles and fine lines than the other. Try and sleep flat on your back, or if this is not possible for you, change your sleeping position regularly and invest in some anti-wrinkle pillows with quality textiles that are much gentler on your face than synthetic polyesters.

Say Cheese!

We are constantly told that it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile, so why not take this old adage on board and make an effort to have a happier countenance? Even if you have had a tough day and just want to go home and curl up on the sofa, take a few minutes to yourself, count all the blessings in your life and remember some funny quotes or memories to turn that frown upside down. Your motions affect your emotions, and you will look and feel much happier in minutes.

Hand and Foot Beauty Tips

Our hands and feet take the brunt of our daily activity, so why not indulge them with a bit of attention to help prevent dry skin and cracked heels? Two or three times a week gently massage some 12% lactic acid lotion into your feet to help remove dry excess skin, then slather moisturiser on top and finish with a pair of cotton socks and let the creams do their magic while you catch up on some zzz’s.  For hands, gently exfoliate with a hand scrub them apply a rich thick hand cream into your fingers and cuticles before hitting the pillow to wake up to beautifully smooth hands by morning.


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