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Tattoo Mistakes Made In The Name Of Love

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We’ve all been there. When you get into a relationship and it’s been going incredibly well for months, or even years, you feel like you’re on top of the world.

Love is possibly the greatest gift life can give us, therefore when you’re someone has experienced negative relationships, yet you finally find that person who is right for you, everything can feel like perfection.

This Valentine’s Day, we expect couples to have that loved up look in their eyes over a candlelit dinner, thinking about how they are so lucky to have come across someone who they adore so much and how amazing it is that they like them back, in exactly the same way.
Many people will be preparing for tomorrow with flowers, chocolates and lovely cards alongside a gift, to show their partner how much they really care. We think it’s really important that you show someone how wonderful you think they are, because it will lighten up their day as well as yours.

However, some people may like to take a step further. We’re actually not talking about moving in together or getting married. We are referring to tattoos for the people you love.
Of course, you may want to get one such as a memorial tattoo of a lost loved one or a family pet you miss so much, similar to Youtuber, Helen Anderson, (skip to 1:21) who wanted to remember her dog, Winston.

On the other hand, people tattoo the names of their partners onto their bodies and we think this is very risky.
Sure, you could get married to this person and never break up, just like many other long lasting relationships out there. But do you ever really know what will happen in the future?The reality is, we never know what life has in store for us, so tattooing your boyfriend or girlfriend’s name is a huge gamble. Think twice before you book an appointment with a tattoo artist.

It’s a fact of life that people come and go, creating much upset after all the effort and investment you put into it. So why would you want a reminder of that person on your body when you’re trying to move on? The tattoo itself could be absolutely beautiful, but the meaning behind it could ruin it for you if things end between you and your partner.

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Celebrities have been known to make this mistake, such as Angelina Jolie who was married to Billy Bob Thornton for 3 years and Melanie Griffith who was married to Antonio Banderas in 1996 and sadly separated in 2014.

Relationships can end and it’s very painful when this happens because you have to get used to the fact that its time to pick up the pieces and move on with your life. Tattoos are permanent but people aren’t, so you have to be very careful with what you tattoo on your body.

If you’re someone who has made this mistake and you are no longer with that person, visit our page all about Laser Tattoo Removals which can gradually fade your tattoo so you can no longer see it. Years ago, if you had a tattoo that you no longer liked, you would have to live with it. Thankfully today, there are alternatives.

So if you are thinking about this procedure, contact us here and we can help finally get rid of a painful reminder, making it easier for you to move on and become a happier person again.

Thank you for reading our blog post. If you would like to read more posts relating to Tattoos, like here!


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