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The Top Ten Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Getting A Tattoo


The Top Ten Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Getting A TattooShould I Get A Tattoo?

The question of whether or not to get a tattoo is one which has crossed the minds of many people from all walks of life. As tattoos have become more socially acceptable…not just something seen on sailors…people of all classes and backgrounds can be seen to be sporting ink proudly. The issue is of course that while they can look amazing, they’re very, very permanent! – although laser tattoo removal is getting better these days.

tattoo removal

There are sadly many people who live to regret their tattoos and spend their summers hiding in long sleeves and trousers…all due to a poor decision made in haste! If you have tattoos you regret then you may be thinking that it’s too late for you to ask questions! However you can seek help to get your unloved artwork removed; laser tattoo removal is extremely advanced these days and many people report barely any scar evidence in the areas treated.

So before you take the plunge, consider these questions…they could save you a lifetime of regret!

1. What Do I Want To Get A Tattoo For?

This might seem like a very simplistic question…and it is! The reasons behind your desire to get a tattoo are what will ultimately tell you if you’re making the correct decision. For example if you’re a young male and you think it might make you look a bit “tougher” or a bit more “experienced” then really think again.

Tattoos aren’t there to make you look tough…they’re not there to make you seem like a man of the world…they should be there for a solid reason and once you’re over 40 you will not be concerned with appearing tough or worldly because you will be! If you’re a young woman and the reason is to look “sexy” think again! When you’re past a certain age, that band of flowers round your ankle won’t serve you at all!

2. Is It For Emotional Reasons?

If you want a tattoo to commemorate a loved-one who has passed away then all well and good. This is a solid reason for a tattoo and such “memorial tattoos” can often really help people who are grieving. However…if it’s to show the world that you’re in love then don’t do it! Tattoo artists are regularly approached by people needing cover-up jobs on tattoos which feature ex fiancés and ex partners and cover-ups are tough to do well.

3. Is It In A Prominent Position?

Let’s just imagine that you want a tattoo on your neck or your forearm. You’ve thought it over and this is where you feel the design you want will look best. Think hard and think further ahead. Most people settle down to very respectable lives once they reach a certain age and a tattoo of Bart Simpson on your chest might not go down well when you want a promotion.

4. What Shall I Get?

If you’re not sure or can’t think of anything that you really want then don’t get a tattoo. Scraping round for images of generic flowers, birds, fairies or cartoon characters is only going to lead to regret. If however you have always wanted the same image and this hasn’t changed for some time, then you’re in a good position to choose a tattoo that you’ll always love.

5. What About My Changing Body?

This question is for both sexes but especially for women. If you haven’t yet had children then you really don’t want a tattoo on your stomach or breasts. Your body shape will change dramatically both during and after birth and that tattoo will end up distorted.

Also if you think of having laser hair removal you won’t be able to have it over a tattoo. (Advice – get laser hair removal before your tattoo!!!! so the area is hair free)

6. Have I Checked Out The Tattooist Properly?

Spotting a tattoo parlour and walking in on a whim is not a good way to get tattooed. Do your research; find an artist whose work you really admire. Visit some tattoo shows to meet and chat to artists, then you’re more likely to be inspired and find an artist that suits your needs.

7. Can I Speak The Language?

If you’re wanting to get a tattoo of a poem or a saying in Chinese script which is a very popular route to take then please take care to get the lettering right! There’s nothing worse than badly written or incorrect tattoo script.

8. Can I Afford It?

Ordering a huge back piece which will take many visits to complete is one thing but the cost of such a piece is considerable and you will need to make sure that you can pay for all of the sittings.

9. What Are My Future Career Plans?

If you’re thinking “High Court Judge” or “Politician” then do you really want a tattoo?

10. Can I Take The Pain?

Many people are shocked at just how painful tattoos are. Some people faint in the chair as their tattoo is being done and there’s no exaggeration here, it really does hurt a lot! If you think you can stand the pain then go for it!

Tattoos are a controversial thing and deciding to get one is no easy decision. If you’re absolutely sure that you want a tattoo do take time to think about what you’re doing…it’s a permanent fixture and although today’s tattoo removal techniques are extremely advanced, it’s better not to get into a situation where you need your tattoo taken off!

If you already have tattoos which you’re less than fond of, don’t live with them any longer than you need to.

Speak to a laser clinic about your options; even black, green and blue ink can be successfully removed today whereas in the very recent past these colours were notoriously difficult to remove.

Heavy and colourful tattoos are also treatable even if they are very large pieces. Don’t despair if you’ve gone under the needle and lived to regret it…there is help out there![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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