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Top Ten Reasons People Get Rid Of Their Tattoos

For many people, getting a tattoo was an ill-thought out mistake. The subject matter, the execution or just plain growing up can all be reasons why people decide to get shot of their body art. For others, they’re happy with their tattoos and wouldn’t ever consider removal…all well and good. But sometimes, life gets in the way and an old tattoo simply isn’t relevant or convenient any more. It’s then that people begin to look into laser tattoo removal as a means of fixing the issue.

But what exactly are the factors involved? Why do people need to undergo laser removal on what was once their pride and joy? Here, for your edification and entertainment are the top ten reasons for getting rid of tattoos.

  1. It was badly executed in the first place

This is a very common reason for people to seek out removal. Either they’ve gone to a poorly managed tattoo parlour with an amateurish tattoo artist or they’re maybe done it themselves. This is of course an excellent reason to seek out removal…nobody wants a wonky love heart on their shoulder forever do they?

  1. It’s faded

Again, a very common cause for concern is that the original tattoo was much brighter and sharper…and now it’s faded to a blurry mess. Although sometimes it is possible to rectify some fading, over time tattoo ink “bleeds” into surrounding skin and it’s never going to look as it did originally.

  1. I’m not in love with that person any more

Yes it’s surprisingly common how many people get the names of their lover tattooed onto their body. A combination of hormones and madness conspire to make it seem like a good idea and before you know it, the relationship is over and you’re left with a permanent reminder of what was essentially a phase.

  1. I don’t even like that band now

Our music tastes change over time just as our fashion sense and ideals do. So when you got that heavy metal band’s album cover inked onto your back…it was cool right? Now you’re a 40 year old banker…not so cool.

  1. I want to get married in a strapless dress

A very common reason for removing what once seemed like an innocuous and fun thing to do is the old bridal gown issue. So many brides want to look classic and beautiful on their wedding day and a combo of ink and white lace just seems incongruous.

  1. I want to change careers

If you’ve got something crazy tattooed on your neck and you’ve decided you really need to train to be a high court judge…then you might need a trip to your nearest laser clinic. Just saying.

  1. My partner hates it

Whilst everyone should of course be true to themselves, if your partner hates a tattoo you’ve got and you feel blasé about it too, then that’s a good enough reason to get rid of it permanently.


  1. I want a bigger tattoo:

If you’ve got a small tattoo in the way of a spot where you’d like a big piece, then why not get rid of the original? Laser tattoo removal doesn’t stop you re-tattooing that area. You just need to wait a while before you do it. This is a very common reason amongst tattoo fans for seeking out laser tattoo removal.

  1. I’m a parent now

Having children can really change the way we see the world and many people feel a strong compulsion to remove their tattoos once they have children.

  1. I just don’t like it

For a lot of people, falling out of love with their tattoo isn’t definable. It’s not that they hate the image or the idea of tattoos…they just feel that they don’t want it anymore. This is as good a reason as any to seek out treatment…today’s treatments are pain-free; which is more than you can say for the process of getting a tattoo!

No matter what your reasoning the good news is that nobody has to feel like they need to “just live with it” any more. The permanency of tattoos is no longer something which has to be accepted…they can be dealt with. Treatment is quick and painless for most people so stop staring in the mirror at your past mistakes and get on with looking to a tattoo-free future!



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