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What Time & Day Do Women Look Their Best & Worst?


As women, we all have certain times of the day we feel our best. Some of us are morning people and simply glow in the AM, some of us are night owls and feel the most energetic of an evening. But regardless of how we feel, when do we look our best?

A poll of a thousand women completed by London Premier Laser showed that women look their best at precisely 10.06AM on a Monday morning. Who knew?

The day we all dread, the start of the working week when we’re still getting over our weekend sins is when we hit our beauty peak. Definitely good to know when we’re morbidly sipping coffee questioning our ‘unorganised chic’ office attire grimacing thinking of the week ahead.

The poll showed that:

  • 10.06AM is when we’re most likely to get chatting with colleagues at the start of the week
  • Women feel their lowest at 4.05PM on a Thursday
  • Between 9AM and 11AM is when we’re at our ‘beauty peak’
  • 31 per cent of women consider Monday their favourite day of the week (which shows how many of us love our careers)
  • 23 percent of us consider Friday our favourite day of the week (no need for explanation there!)
  • 72 percent of women like to ‘hit the ground running’ when it comes to their beauty routine

If you’re not a morning person it might surprise you to see you’re at your most gorgeous around an hour after you start work and your least gorgeous in the afternoon.

But if you think about it, by late afternoon most days you’re probably more than ready to go home, coming down from your afternoon chocolate sugar hit and in need of a makeup refreshment. So it actually makes sense.

And by Thursday afternoon when we feel our lowest, most of us have the weight of the week on our shoulders and the poll shows, that it shows in our face.

If you want to glow all the time and don’t want the time of day to dictate your WOW factor, here are three beauty boosting complexion treatments you could try:

The Vampire Facelift

We’ve all heard about it, but who has actually tried it? Well the vampire facelift has proven to be a popular facial treatments at London Premier Laser , why? Because it’s not as grim as it sounds! It only takes up to an hour, uses your own blood, there’s no recovery time and it can lead to smoother, brighter skin. Quick enough to fit into your lunch break on maybe…Thursday?

Vitamin C Rejuvenation Peel

We know vitamin C is good for us, but did you know it’s 20 times better for your skin applied directly than when you eat it? That’s why the vitamin c rejuvenation peel treatment is so popular. It’s basically a gentle exfoliation treatment from London Premier Laser using pharmaceutical grade Vitamin C, Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids and fruit enzymes. Sounds great right? It is! It can help with acne, sensitive skin, dry skin, older skin and even Rosacea. Plus, while it’s doing it’s magic on your skin you get a shoulder and scalp massage thrown in – all in less than an hour. Makes the skin brighter, younger looking, more refreshed and the results last up to 6-8 weeks.

Obagi Blue Peel Radiance

Sound exotic? That’s because it is! The Obagi Blue Peel Radiance is so exotic in fact it could give you that 10.06AM Monday morning feeling all day every day for months! It’s a quick, salicylic acid-based peel available from London Premier Laser and is suitable for all skin types, helps with acne scarring, photodamage, melasma as well as contributing to smoother, younger looking skin. Takes up to an hour, has little to no downtime and results can last up to 4-6 months.

So remember, when you’re feeling your worst after a weekend of fun, when the clock hits 10.06AM you might not feel great, but you look fabulous! Want that 10.06AM feeling all day every day? Consider some facial treatments from London Premier Laser.

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