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A Hidden Cause Of Acne

You open the fridge door and pull out the milk, yes you think, there’s just enough to make your morning cereal and pour yourself a nice glass of ice cold milk. You throw the empty carton away and continue to eat your breakfast before going to the gym. You drink your protein shake, train your little socks off and head off to the shower. After cleansing yourself you have a cheeky look in the mirror whilst nobody is looking, “who’s that sexy little thing” you think, get dressed and drive to work.

You arrive at work and stick on the kettle. Everybody knows that without that all important morning brew you would cease to be able to function, resulting in you sitting at your desk, monotonously typing away resembling something out of the film night of the living dead. Fast forward 8 hours, you have finished work and have drank enough coffee throughout the day to sink a small island. You drive home, eat your tea and watch a little telly before its time to hit the pillow.

The Hidden Cause Of Acne

The above routine may have been made up but it won’t be too far from the truth for a lot of people. Without scratching the surface there appears to be nothing wrong with the above, I mean after all you are having a healthily breakfast, exercising at the gym and having an early night…just what the doctor ordered right? However there is one thing that you are missing, something which has become integrated into our everyday lives which is causing your body harm. Ok so it is not dangerous but ‘natures perfect food’ is causing havoc for your skin resulting in skin conditions such as acne. The culprit…MILK!!!


“Wait a second!” you might ask. I thought milk and dairy products were packed full of essential vitamins, minerals and calcium.

Well they are but keep reading and you will see why milk isn’t as healthy as it is made out to be.

Why Milk Causes Acne?

There are a number of reasons that milk brings on acne in humans:

1)  The main reason is all down to a little hormone called IGF-1. Now IGF-1 is great for the little baby cows of this world, helping them grow up big and strong but for us it just induces acne.

2)  Milk causes an insulin spike in humans which results in our liver producing even more IGF-1. Brilliant just what we need!

3)  Milk increases the production of sebum (oil) in your skin which leads to clogged pores. What do blocked pours mean…you’ve guessed it, acne.

4)  By clogging and gluing together dead skin cells, again eating dairy leads to blocked pours which equals acne.

What Should I Do?

Never drink milk or have dairy products ever again in your lives…EVER!!! I’m only joking, we all love a bit of cheese on toast or a milkshake on a hot summer’s day but seriously you should start to restrict your intake. I know it will be hard but the rewards you will reap, or should I say your skin will reap, will make you feel and look a lot better. You will notice you skin looking a lot clearer and radiant as your pours will become unblocked and be able to breathe again.

You may have heard that acne is a teenage problem and that you would eventually grow out of it. While there is some element of truth to this the fact is that acne can affect anybody no matter how old they are.

Although milk may be one cause of acne there are lots of other factors consisting of other dietary intakes, stress, bacteria, medication (e.g. lithium or an anticonvulsant), pollutants or even a simple genetic predisposition.

If you are suffering from acne the Premier Laser clinic has a acne skin treatments which can help you manage and clear your acne problem.


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