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Get Pixel Perfect Skin With Sublative Rejuvenation

Sublative Rejuvenation

Let’s just take a second and think about the following three words, Laser skin resurfacing. Wow, sounds kind of scary right? I mean for a start it sounds like something that should be heard being uttered from a robotic doctor aboard a futuristic Starship in a science fiction movie. But what if I were to tell you the treatment is available right here and now? Oh and don’t worry no robotic surgeon is needed…


Not so long ago this beauty treatment was still in its infancy and recovery from these laser treatments would take up to months. You would be left with irritated, red skin and the average downtime was anywhere between 3 to 7 days. Let’s face it people will do anything in the quest for beauty including walking around with a face that closely resembles a tomato.

Fortunately those days are over thanks to the eTwo. Armed with a futuristic sounding name this little non-laser, non-light machine has revolutionised the beauty industry enabling people to have treatments on their lunch hour. Sound to good to be true? Well don’t worry you haven’t somehow been sent back in time to the 1st of April and this isn’t an April Fool’s day prank, Sublative rejuvenation is real and most importantly it WORKS.

So What’s The Secret?

The Sublative Rejuvenation treatment goes way beyond the archaic fractional methods of yesterday for skin resurfacing, instead it utilises RF sublation – Fractionated bipolar radio frequency technology. “Sorry it does what again?” Plainly put in the Queens beautiful English it places heat energy into the dermis skin layer (between the epidermis and subcutaneous tissues ) causing a significant increase in elastin and collagen with very minimal epidermal disruption. Unlike other aggressive treatments, Sublative delivers the heat energy below the skin without overheating the top layer for optimum results.

Is It For Me?

The beauty of this technology is that it is safe for 99% of skin types whilst being cost effective, pain free and very quick. Sublative Rejuvenation can treat:


• Acne Scars

• Wrinkles

• Lax Skin

• Sun Damaged Skin

• Loss Of Radiance

• Textural Irregularities

Why Should I Choose It?

This treatment considerably improves your skin without the need for invasive surgery or needles, without having to miss a day of work and without the high price tag associated with other beauty treatments.

• Rapid Treatments

• Minimal Downtime

• Safe For 99% Of Skin Types

• None Invasive

• Cost Effective

• Impressive Results

To find out more about our Sublative Rejuvenation beauty treatments please get in contact with the Premier Laser Clinic on 0800 0146 888 or 0203 6006 888.

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