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Clear Skin Diet – Get Rid Of That Acne!


If you suffer with acne, then you will understand how much of an irritant a flare-up can be. Adults who suffer with outbreaks of acne can not only find they struggle with low self-esteem but it can start to affect other areas of life too. So what if there was a simple way to help clear your skin and rid yourself of acne?

The Clear Skin Diet

Although there is no miracle cure, genetics play a large part in appearance of skin which cannot be controlled, there is a way to at least assist your skin in remaining blemish free; the clear skin diet.

The clear skin diet has been born from research which suggests that certain foods can in fact help to improve your skin, or make it worse. Some examples of foods which people with problematic skin should eat include those which contain whole grains, omega-3 fish oils, antioxidants and zinc to name but a few.

Vegetables and fruit are a great source of antioxidants; berries, artichokes, carrots and red grapes are all great examples of fruits and vegetables high in antioxidants. Beef, spinach, pumpkin seeds and cocoa are all good sources of zinc. Yes, it’s really true, eating chocolate could help with your skin (in moderation of course). Drinking lots of water is also vital; water can help to flush out toxins which can assist with clearing up an outbreak of acne. It will make you feel better too.

Avoid Sugary Foods

Another interesting area which needs to be considered is that of food which raises your blood sugar level. When you eat foods high in sugar your pancreas creates more insulin in order to regulate your blood sugar level. This is a natural process but the trouble is that insulin also causes the sebaceous glands to secrete an oily substance known as sebum, which can clog up follicles and pores. So by avoiding foods high in sugar, you could help your skin to clear.

Does It Work? Science Says Yes!!!!

So, does it really work? For many years people have portrayed the idea that certain foods can affect your skin as nothing more than a myth but recent research would suggest otherwise. Of course, the most logical way to look at it, is that your skin is an outward reflection of what is going on inside your body. If you are taking time to eat well, sleep well, and stay hydrated, then this will be reflected in your skin. Alternatively, if you are eating a lot of junk food, living on a few hours sleep and so drinking a lot of caffeinated products to stay awake, then this will cause your skin to suffer. Ultimately, eating the right foods can assist with the clearing up of acne issues you might experience.

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