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Common First Date Blunders For Women

Beep Beep, Beep Beep!! “Whos texting you at this time?” your mother exquisitely asks popping her head from the kitchen door. “Its nobody mum, erm…just a friend from work” you reply. However it wasn’t just a friend was it? And it certainly wasn’t nobody…this was your date for the weekend, the guy you have been basically stalking for the last year and a half and suddenly he’s noticed you…yes you, and now out of the blue he’s asked you out on a date. You don’t know how you have managed to pull this one off but to be honest you don’t care either. Now just not to blow it…

Making an effort on a date is a must however it is possible to over-do it. You want to make a good first impression. Below are the most common mistakes woman make when trying to impress men on a first date.

Fragrance Alert

You want to smell nice, of course you do, however you don’t want your date to smell you before you even walk through the door. Wearing your favourite perfume can define your style and boost your confidence, just make sure to apply it sparingly…after all you can always have a little touch up in the little girls’ room if required.

Too Much Makeup

Men understand that make up for woman is kind of like their armour. It makes them feel safe and less vulnerable in a judgmental and image conscious society, however you don’t want to suffocate your natural beauty. A good general rule is to pick one area of your face to make stand out and keep the rest neutral or minimal. For example you could make the focus your eyes by applying dark eye shadow or you may want him to notice your full red lips by using a bright red lipstick. The trick is to highlight one key area and maintain a fresh natural appearance overall. There is nothing worst then a woman who looks as though she has had a fight with Crayola…and lost badly.

Spider Eyelashes

If you are going to use fake eyelashes then make sure to choose ones that compliment and match your eye shape. Fake eyelashes that are either too long or thick can be an instant turn off. You don’t want to look like you have a pair of spiders dangling from the tops of your eyes now do you?

Loud Lipstick

Lipstick that is too bold or loud is a no go. The ‘Krusty The Clown’ look isn’t a great image and will certainly put off your date. Try to use more natural colours that are simple and feminine. Some men have been known to think that too much lipstick on a woman can add a few years to her age…now honestly what woman would intentionally want to do that?

The Brow


Considering that the eyes are the window to the soul then surely it can be argued that the eyebrows are the frame. Super dark thick eyebrows can be very intimidating whereas thin eyebrows can look really harsh. One of the most common mistakes when it comes to women and eyebrows is shaping them too high into an arch shape. Unless you want to look constantly surprised then you should just keep your brows quite natural by not having them too thick, thin, dark or arched.

Shaving Last Minute

Unwanted hair can be a nightmare to deal with. They need constant maintenance and unless you keep on top of it daily your hairs can spiral out of control. Ok, this may be a slight exaggeration but it is no secret that hairy legs are not a thing of beauty. Shaving last minute can mean that your legs are silky smooth ready for your special evening ahead but it can also leave them looking raw red and blotchy. Many women are now starting to embrace laser hair removal treatments ridding themselves of shavers and wax strips for good.

The ironic thing here is when women make big changes to their appearance such as a new hair colour of hair style it can easily slip under the radar and get unnoticed but the minute they make a slight makeup hiccup it will be the first thing that a man will notice.

Share or like this if you or someone you know have ever made one of these or a similar beauty mistake in the past.

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