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Top 10 Biggest Hair Removal Mistakes

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Are you making any of these 10 biggest hair removal mistakes?

See how many you are guilty of and add your score up at the end.

Below are the 10 ten biggest hair removal mistakes men and women make when getting rid of their unwanted hair.

1.Exfoliate, exfoliate, and exfoliate!!!

If you shave or wax then it will not come as a shock when I mention that dreaded word...ingrown hairs. However you can dramatically reduce the amount you get by exfoliating. Exfoliating is your best protection against ingrown hairs and by combining this with using daily body lotion you will reduce your chance of getting them quite considerably.

2.Why go to the wax salon when I can do it a home?

You pay a little visit to the wax salon and get your legs waxed. That was easy enough you think, all I have to do is buy a cheap pack of wax strips from the supermarket, apply it to my legs, cover with the fabric and pull. However if done incorrectly you can end up with big bruises on your legs.

It is important to note that when waxing the skin should be pulled taut in the opposite direction that the wax strip is being ripped off to prevent your legs from changing to a dark bluely, black colour unless that is the look you are aiming for?

3.Morning shave

After pressing the snooze button on your alarm for the 10th time you decide that you should really be getting out of bed. A morning shower is great to rejuvenate the body and is perfect to have a quick morning shave…or is it? As we sleep our legs slightly swell, hiding a small proportion of hairs on the skin.

To get a clean and smoother shave you should have a shave later on in the evening, that is after watching your favourite soaps on TV first.

hair removal mistakes

4.Shaving in a hot bath

There is a common misconception that shaving in a hot bath relaxes the hairs and therefore makes it the ideal time to have a shave.


Just like above it temporally makes our legs swell a little and therefore again hides some hairs from the razor.

If you really wish to shave in the tub make sure to do it within the first few minutes of getting in…although don’t blame us if your nice relaxing bath time takes a prickly turn for the worst.

5.Shaving with a dull blade

As the days, weeks or months pass by you feel that shaving is becoming more and more difficult and painful. Are you shaving the wrong way? Or is your hair just getting thicker? Well honestly it could be both but chances are that you have just not changed your blunt razor blade any time soon.

Ideally you should throw away your razor after every shave however it is reasonable to use them up to 3 or 4 times before departing from your dull bathroom companion.

6.Where’s the shaving cream?

Shaving cream is your best friend when it comes to shaving and not only does it prevent irritation but also helps you to get a cleaner, closer shave. Well what are best friends for? By applying it to your skin against the grain of hair growth you will see the best results.

shaving cream on leg7.Leaving your skin vulnerable

If you are one of those people that religiously uses accutane or retinols in your daily beautifying routine you should stop applying it for a minimum of at least a week before you wax or head of to the beauty salon. Making the skin fragile the waxing process could take off layers of the skin along with your hair. Ouch!!!

8.Surely it must be time for another wax already?

It is all too easy to see the little few hairs starting to break the surface of the skin and start to freak, but don’t panic, unless your boyfriend has access to the Hubble telescope then chances are he will not see them and neither will anybody else. Ideally you should wait around 4 weeks, 3 at a push if you must so that the wax has enough hair to “grab”.

9.Pulling faces in the mirror!

We all like to make silly faces in the mirror but when you are trying to tweeze your eyebrows this is not the best time to do so. Screwing up your face warps the natural shape of the brow and can give an uneven look. The best method is to try and relax the face muscles as much as possible and use an ice cube to numb the area to reduce the pain.

model looking in the mirror

10.Waxing and that time of month

Maybe it’s not the first thing that crossed your mind when booking in a downstairs wax ready for the summer months but if you are someone who is really sensitive to pain then the timing of this could be crucial. Hormonal changes in the body as well as the increase in blood flow could mean you have an unpleasant experience.

Make sure to plan your salon visit carefully and try and book around mid-cycle to ensure a comfortable experience, well as comfortable as waxing gets anyway.

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