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Do You Really Know How To Exfoliate?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]As our skin ages and as winter creeps in, our skin gets less proactive about shedding dead skin cells; result? Dull, dry and flaky skin is hard to apply makeup to and can also contribute to breakouts.

Keeping on top of exfoliation is one thing…but are you doing it correctly? Many people make the mistake of using the wrong equipment to begin with; those nylon “body puffs” are terrible for the job and loofah? They’re germ magnets!

How to exfoliate your face with a flannel

The best single item which you can invest in for exfoliation in the area of the face is a cotton flannel; a simple washcloth which can be washed in the washing machine after each use and is the perfect size for the job.

Use plain, warm water; dampen your flannel and gently scrub your face in a circular motion paying particular attention to the t-zone. Be very careful not to scrub at your delicate eye area as the skin here does not need rough treatment. Following exfoliation moisturise as usual. Once a week you can use a commercial facial scrub but be sure to choose a gentle one and not one with large granules which can damage your skin.

How to exfoliate with dry brushing

For your body, the best tool to use is a dry brush; if you’ve heard of dry brushing but aren’t sure what it is, read on. Dry brushing is exactly that; it’s using a coarse brush to brush your body before you get into the shower or the bath…which is what washes away all of those dead skin cells you’ve loosened with your brush. Keep your brush dry…store it away from the bath or shower or it will become damp and mouldy. Wash it regularly and dry it naturally in a well ventilated area.

Before you begin your dry brushing routine, apply some oil to your skin; plain old baby oil works well. Now starting from your feet, brush up in gentle, short strokes until you have covered your entire body. Now take your shower or bath and use a salt scrub to rid yourself of those dead skin cells. Moisturise as usual afterwards.

Try to stay on top of your exfoliating routine and within a month you should notice a real improvement in both the texture and the appearance of your skin. During the winter it’s even more important to continue to exfoliate as the cold weather, central heating and layers of clothing all contribute to dull and flaky skin. Make sure you care for your skin in the colder months and when summer rolls around you’ll be beach ready!


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