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The Acne Guidelines for Clear Skin

Acne may begin during the awkward teenage years or it may start later for some; many adults don’t experience any skin issues at all until their thirties when hormonal changes and perhaps stress, combine to create acne prone skin.

No matter how old you are when acne rears its ugly head, it’s never welcome and it’s usually upsetting. Mild or severe, acne can ruin your confidence and play havoc with your skincare routine. How do you know which products are safe to use? Should you change your diet? What can you do to help your skin recover?

Fortunately we understand much more about acne today than we used to do; once upon a time it was thought that poor hygiene was to blame for acne but this is completely unfounded. Specialists now understand that hormones play a huge part in acne and overproduction of sebum and certain oils which result in clogged pores and infected spots.

If you’re suffering, take heart and try to implement some of the following routines to your daily life…there can be improvements made by simply taking a little extra care of your skin.


If you’re prone to falling asleep with your makeup on, it’s time to halt that habit. Makeup won’t help your skin to heal and especially not old makeup which has been in place all day


Don’t be tempted to use soap and water or cheap baby wipes to clean your face. Invest in a well balanced, non-oily cleansing lotion and a good quality moisturizer with sun protection. UV rays can be even harsher for those with acne prone skin so it’s important for you to protect it.


And away from your shoulders, neck or back! Whichever part of you is affected…stop touching it! Fingers are well known for their germ carrying tendencies and you don’t want infected pimples.


Change your pillowcase daily: your face needs to be next to super-clean linen and while you don’t need to change your entire bedding set daily, you can change your pillowcase as it’s a simple task and will help to keep your skin clean.


Cut out junk food and processed food to assist your hormones in balancing themselves.


Speak to a specialist about your skin; they can look into any medication you might be taking which could be exacerbating your condition and investigate the causes of your problems.


IPL Skin Rejuvenation can offer amazing results for acne sufferers and most especially for acne scars and redness. It’s not only safe and affordable but also practically pain free.

Acne isn’t pleasant but there are steps which you can take to keep it at bay and to ensure breakouts are rare. Try keeping a skin diary in which you take note of anything unusual you take part in as well as what you eat and drink…this could help you to pinpoint your triggers. Keep the diary for at least one month and you may see some surprising results.




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