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Laser Hair Removal Myths

Laser hair removal treatment is fast becoming the most effective method of hair removal across the world. The unique aspect of laser hair removal is the fact that after around six or eight sessions under the laser, you can be virtually hair free. This is a treatment perfect for both men and women and all over 18.

However, there are some general myths about laser hair removal which many people listen to. This might make people reluctant to invest in the treatment.

Here, we crack down on some of the most popular myths and put the record straight:

Myth 1: Laser hair removal is a painful process

Many people believe that laser hair removal is a painful and uncomfortable process. Actually, the truth is that many people say that the feeling of the laser on your skin is just like the feeling of an elastic band snapping against your skin. It is not necessarily painful, and many people do not feel anything at all. For those people who are extra sensitive, the technician will put an anesthetic cream on the area before they start the laser process. They may also apply ice to the area before or after the laser. This will give the patient the most comfortable treatment possible.

Myth 2: People with dark hair and dark skin cannot be treated with laser hair removal

Traditionally, people with dark hair and dark skin would not be able to be treated with laser hair removal. This is because the laser differentiates between skin and hair – and light and dark. This means that if the hair and the skin are both dark, the possibility of burning the skin might occur.

However, with modern technology constantly evolving, this is no longer the case. There are certain systems like the GentleYAG laser system which is designed to work with darker skin. Of course, it is best to check with your laser hair removal clinic about your particular hair type so that you can have a full and comprehensive consultation.

Myth 3: Laser hair removal is not safe

The technique is safe. Within the process of laser hair removal, the laser will focus on the hair follicle itself, which means that the surrounding skin is left unharmed. The laser hair removal treatment has been performed successfully on many thousands of people across the world. Also, a lot of research has been conducted into the technique and has proved that there are no long-term side-effects from the process.

Myth 4: Laser hair removal is an expensive treatment to invest in

Many people see laser hair removal as an investment in the body. Think of all of the savings that you will make over the many years of not having to buy razors, shavers and waxing strips. Also, laser hair removal is getting more cost-effective each year. Traditionally it was quite expensive, but now clinics are making it more affordable and even offer some value for money packages.

Take a look at our laser hair removal guide for everything you need to know

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