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Coolsculpting Comes To Premier Laser

Coolsculpting Comes To Premier Laser

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]If you have been thinking about tackling those hard to shift fat areas on your body you will be pleased to know that Coolsculpting is now available at our Liverpool Street Clinic in London and will be available at our, soon to be opened, clinic in Bromley, Kent.

To celebrate the launch of Coolsculpting at our Liverpool Street clinic we have a fantastic introductory offer (making us one of the lowest-priced Coolsculpting providers across London). Our introductory offer will not stay low for long, so it is a great time to take advantage of our incredible offer and book a free consultation today.

With prices starting from only £300 (which is currently over 10% lower then other clinics) the savings will soon add up. £300 is calculated on buying multiple sessions.

We have offered fat freezing for many years using the highly-rated Swiss technology by Clatuu, and by adding Coolsculpting to our fat freezing and fat removal line-up we are now able to bring you the most popular brand on the market today.

If you haven’t heard about Coolsculpting before and want to find out more visit our Coolsculpting page which has lots of great information, videos and FAQs explaining exactly how it works.

If you are familiar with Coolsculpting maybe via friends and family, social media, magazines or online you probably know fat freezing is one of the safest, proven, most effective non-invasive ways to remove stubborn fat.

Non-invasive means there is no surgery involved. No staying overnight in hospital or going under general anaesthetic, which makes it very different from liposuction.

Liposuction is:

A lot riskier as it is invasive surgery
Requires anaesthesia
There are risks from infection.

Coolsculpting is most effective if you have hard to shift fat. And most of us do!. We can sometimes feel very self-conscious about excess fat on parts of our body even trying to cover up the offending areas, which can get harder during summer!.

Also even if we lead a healthy lifestyle, getting older can lead to fat going to areas where we didn’t use to have fat and as your metabolic rate slows down as you age your body stores more fat. You may also be trying to bounce back into shape after giving birth and need a helping hand.

If you have tried everything to remove stubborn fat through exercising or the latest diet and are not looking as good as you feel, or have recently been bothered by a selfie or have a special occasion coming up, then Coolsculpting maybe something to seriously consider.

You might even know somebody who has tried it and were really happy with their results or maybe it’s a good time financially to go ahead. More and more people are now turning to Coolsculpting to shape and contour their bodies to the proportions and way they want.

Coolsculpting is not a miracle weight loss cure. You won’t lose tens of kilos on the scales. It’s not for you if you are obese. There is up to a 30% loss of fat in the areas undergoing Coolsculpting.

This can make the difference between:

Feeling comfortable in your jeans
Defined in your suit and confident at work
Confident on the beach on holiday
Happy in shorts and skirts
Feeling elegant with your hair up – or down
Looking sophisticated in a dress
Inspired in athletic wear at the gym, yoga or sporting activities
Being carefree in sleeveless clothes

Whatever look you want to achieve, with the targeted options that Coolsculpting provides you can really define your body the way you want. The effects of fat freezing are more subtle and it is ideal if you want to target specific areas like your arms or ‘bingo wings’, double chin, thighs or ‘saddlebags’, ‘mummy tummy’ or your ‘muffin top’.

The secret to Coolsculptings success versus dieting is Coolsculpting actually destroys, kills and removes the fat from your body. (Fat is destroyed then removed via your Lymphatic system over the weeks following a session). Dieting will only shrink fat cells which expand again if you put on weight.

Also Coolsculpting doesn’t offer instant overnight results. You won’t wake up the next morning with all the weight magically having vanished. Results are noticeable around four weeks after treatment and you still have to maintain a healthy lifestyle with exercise and eating well. If you pile on the pounds after Coolsculpting you will not notice any results and would have wasted your money!.

A lot of people see Coolsculpting as a great way to stay motivated with diets and exercise. If you invest in Coolsculpting then you probably won’t be skipping exercise classes or having one too many cheat days!.
Finally, Coolsculpting is an FDA approved medical procedure which means it has undergone very strict testing. And with over 7 million treatments performed worldwide so far it is becoming increasingly popular around the world.

To take advantage of our introductory price why not book a free consultation today and speak to our practitioners about getting Coolsculpting to work for you.

If you have any questions about Coolsculpting you can email us via our contact page or pick up the phone and call our call centre which is open 7 days a week for you.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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