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Laser hair removal in Harley Street – is it worth it ?

laser hair removal and reviews


Laser hair removal in Harley street – is it worth it ?

Laser hair removal in Harley street will cost you more then anywhere else in the UK. You may be wondering :

“Is it worth paying a lot more for laser hair removal at a prestigious Harley street address then a high street clinic?”

Harley street reputation

Harley Street, named after Thomas Harley who was Lord Mayor of London in 1767, has a well deserved worldwide reputation for medical excellence.

Located in Marylebone, Central London, it has, since the 19th century, became famous for the high concentration of a large number of private doctors, consultants and specialists in medicine and surgery.

Over 3,000 people are employed in the Harley Street area. Working in clinics, hospitals, medical and paramedical practices offering everything from laser hair removal to lip fillers to life saving surgery.

harley street w1Laser hair removal Harley street prices

Given the explosion of popularity of laser hair removal over the last few years and the fact lasers now provide excellent results on both lighter and dark skin tones with its dual wavelength technology, more clinics have added laser hair removal to their services.

You can expect to pay around 30-80% more by having laser hair removal at a Harley Street clinic. Many clinics will not publish their laser hair removal prices online, making comparing prices difficult. You will have call the clinic or book an appointment before prices are revealed.

Lots of clinics performing laser hair removal on Harley Street also perform more expensive invasive surgical procedures. Laser is not seen as a major revenue generator or core part of their business, just a handy add.

Full body laser hair removal prices on Harley street

Full body laser hair removal can cost around £3,500 on Harley Street. This is a lot more then you would pay at clinic not on Harley Street where prices for full body laser hair removal are between £2000-£2600.

If you are thinking about using a Harley Street clinic and you do not live close by then there will be the added cost of travelling to the clinic.

Driving would be difficult due to lack of parking and Harley Street is inside the congestion zone. Then there is the cost of your time travelling to consider.

If you purchase a laser hair removal package, it could mean you will be travelling there 8 times every 6 weeks. This will add up. Will it be worth the extra cost and potential inconvenience of travelling there?

Will you get better results going to a Harley street clinic for laser hair removal?

Ultimately results are what matter. Clinics in Harley Street use the same Lasers as high street clinics. The top brands used for laser hair removal are US manufactured Candela and Cynosure. They are FDA approved Grade 4 lasers, the same used in hospitals, costing around £100,000 each.

Harley Street clinics do not have access to better technology or lasers which would lead to better results to explain the higher price.

laser hair removal practitionerBetter practitioners at Harley Street ?

If the technology is the same, will the practitioners be more experienced?, guaranteeing you better results and justifying the higher price?

It is unlikely laser hair removal will be performed by a Doctor when you visit a Harley Street clinic. It will be usually be performed by a laser hair practitioner, the same as you would find away from Harley Street.

Unless you find a laser clinic on Harley Street specialising in laser hair removal,  the practitioner may not be as experienced as you may think or find away from Harley Street, in a specialist laser clinic. This is because they may perform laser hair removal as well as many other aesthetic procedures during a typical day.

Compare this with a practitioner at a dedicated laser clinic who only does laser hair treatments all day. They will have far more experience with clients from all backgrounds, ages, skin types and tones so you would be in safer hands and experience better results.

If the technology is the same, the practitioners are no better then you would find elsewhere and you are not guaranteed better results, why does laser hair removal at a Harley Street clinic cost more?.

The real reason Harley street costs more

The higher treatment price is mainly due to the higher expenses of running a business from the prestigious Harley Street address. Not the fact better technology or more highly trained practitioners are used.

To operate a clinic on Harley Street will cost a lot more then other locations such as high streets. Rent and rates make up one of the biggest costs when operating a clinic. So you are paying a premium for the W1 postcode and street name which then is reflected in the prices charged.

Many clinics on Harley Street are not at the street level and you may have to go up many floors to find a small, dark, windowless clinic tucked away. This is to reduce costs, while keeping the famous Harley Street address which clinics believe allows them to charge more.

harley street clinic How to get the best laser hair removal results

With laser hair removal, great results are based on internal and external factors. Internal factors include how your body responds including hormone levels, skin type and tone. These are usually beyond your control.

External factors, which you can control, can be spilt into 3 parts. For the best laser hair removal results you will need the following :

  • Top of the range technology
  • Experienced practitioners
  • Consistency, commitment and good communication with your practitioner

The secret to laser hair removal success depends the best technology, best practitioners and being committed and consistent with the treatment. This means not missing or cancelling appointments and communicating feedback to the practitioner performing the laser hair and following the advice given.

If you are unable to commit to the course of treatment you will not get great results, even at the best laser hair removal clinic in Harley Street.

If any of the above are missing you will likely end up disappointed, regardless of the cost or where you had it done, whether it was Harley Street or Harrow!

Harley Street v high street

Laser hair removal has become an extremely competitive market recently with fierce expansion by Irish and Australian laser hair removal franchises opening across London and the UK.

They have avoided opening Harley Street and instead target local high streets and shopping centres.

Outside of Harley Street you will also come across the larger clinic chains like Premier Laser. With 9 clinics across London and operating with exactly the same state of the art technology as Harley Street clinics and with highly experienced practitioners Premier charge in some cases less then half of what you would pay in Harley Street.

harley street sign

In conclusion

Do you really need to go to Harley Street to get better laser hair removal results?. The short answer is no. You are probably better served by a reputable clinic close by. The final choice of course is yours. Some people enjoy saying they are visiting a Harley Street clinic or believe they may receive a more personal service, higher quality service in W1.

For most people though, if you can get the same results, or better, on your high street while saving hundreds of pounds and not have the inconvenience, cost and hassle of travelling far for treatments, most people would think this is a great option.

If you are thinking about laser hair removal, Premier Laser is London’s largest independent laser hair removal specialist. With 9 locations across London open 7 days a week, open late weekdays, why not speak to us today about starting your laser hair removal.

We price match and have great 0% finance options to spread payments.

Book your free consultation today.

Premier Laser Has 3 Clinics Near To Harley Street


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