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My laser hair removal experiences as a university student in London

laser hair removal service

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A lot of women (and some men!) dream of smooth and hairless skin – I’m no different!.

I am an overseas student living and studying at a London University. I have also been working in the nail and eyelash industry and have high standards when it comes to my own appearance, so excess and visible hair simply cannot exist on my skin!.

(Prices have come down so it’s more affordable for uni students to get laser hair removal and many clinics offer student discounts making it cheaper)

With so many aesthetic, beauty and laser hair removal clinics available in London offering laser hair removal there has never been a better time to get rid of excess hair.

But which one should you choose?.

I previously had laser hair removal done for my underarms, arms, and legs when back home in my country. But after moving to the UK for a few years, I discovered that my facial hair had become more visible, especially hair on my upper lip.

Many people said it could be the problem of hard water encouraging hair growth but I’m not so sure. Whatever the reason I just wanted it gone.

So I decided to go for the upper lip and bikini laser hair removal. Bikini laser hair removal is also very popular, I can totally understand why just thinking of all the time, money and pain I went through with waxing all those years!.

How I choose the skin clinic for my laser hair removal

Since I had very successful laser hair removal results using by Candela in my home country i wanted to find a clinic in London using them.

I did a Google search and came across Premier Laser & Skin. After digging around for more information about this clinic I found out :

  • The clinic was established in 2008
  • Has 11 years experience in laser hair
  • Also provides skin management, body slimming & contouring, anti-ageing and filler injections.
  • They have nine clinics located in London.
  • They use the Candela Gentle Max Pro machine, the latest model and technology for laser hair removal.
  • They treated more than 500,000 customers
  • Suitable for different races, all skin types and colours.
  • Many celebrities favour to this clinic such as Anne Marie, Maya Jama and many more
  • Another good point is that this company provides various language services, so there is no need to worry about the language barrier.

Price of Laser Hair Removal for students

As a student it was important that the price was right. Looking at the price again, I found out the cost of Premier Laser & Skin stood out from other clinics in my area.

For example – 

For my upper lip and bikini areas, six sessions are 522 pounds, and eight sessions are 580 pounds. The other clinics I searched use the same machine, the price for the same skin areas was 596 pounds for four sessions and 1008 pounds for eight sessions.

Why I choose Premier Laser for my laser hair removal

So I chose Premier Laser & Skin due to their competitive price, a large amount of experience and accessible location. I also booked a consultation and treatments for fat reduction and filler injection for chin contouring. I plan having them done together and get ready for summer.


Free consultation and patch test

I made an online enquiry late night and next day morning I received a appointment for free consultations and patch test.

On the day, I arrived at the clinic about 10 minutes in advance. The clinic was in Liverpool St. in the City of London which was only a 12-minute walk from where I live.

The face-to-face consultation process was very smooth. Firstly I was given a medical form to fill in in order to check my suitability, the laser practitioner then explained how laser hair removal treatment works, checked my skin type and areas need to be treated, answered all my strange questions, followed by doing few patch tests on my upper lip and bikini areas. She explained that laser patch test is a must.

If there is no adverse reaction 48 hours post patch test, I will be totally safe to have the full skin lasered.

How laser hair removal works

She explained the science part that laser light energy is absorbed by melanin which gives hair colour, energy will be transmitted to hair root and destroy it, therefore making the hair lose its ability to regenerate without harming other skin tissues which due to my research I had a rough idea about.

How to prepare for a laser hair appointment

I was told that hair needed to be shaved the night before my appointment. This is to make sure laser energy can focus on killing hair root rather than burn hair shift which can be shaved.

She confirmed I cannot use depilatory cream as chemicals will cause skin sensitivity, no plucking and waxing either as the hair root needed to stay so the laser can permanently kill it.

I booked my next full treatment appointment before I left the clinic.

What happens during a Laser hair removal

Following my laser practitioner’s instructions, I shaved my lip hair and bikini hair at home the night before my appointment and came to the clinic 10 minutes earlier.

After being registered with the front desk, I had some refreshments in the waiting area, my practitioner introduced themselves and said hello and took me to the laser treatment room.

I lay down on couch comfortably, she checked my skin and asked few questions, I was given laser protection goggles to wear. She cleaned my skin first, then drew guidelines with white pencil on where I want to be treated,

She explained this was especially important for Bikini areas, so both sides can be treated precisely and symmetrically.

After the first laser pulse, she asked for my feedback, it was ok so she carried on and finished all treatment in about 30 minutes.

Does laser hair removal hurt?

My skin looked red, similar redness as after waxing.

It felt like someone was flicking an elastic band on my skin accompanied by a burst of cool air but it much easier than waxing!. After finishing lasering, my practitioner applied cold aloe vera gel to sooth the skin and to calm down the redness.

What is the aftercare following laser hair removal?

After I got dressed, my practitioner reminded me again of the home care process and handed me a paper copy. It listed:

  • To avoid hot shower and bathing for 48 hours (but lukewarm water is fine)
  • No swimming and sweating excise for 48 hours.
  • To avoid getting a suntan during the course of treatments
  • Using sunscreen SPF50 every day on my face.

I booked my 2nd laser hair removal appointment before I left clinic.

My Laser Hair Removal Results after one treatment

I bought a package of  8 sessions treatments.

  • After 1st session: I can see the reduction and much slower of regrowth. I only need to shave every week rather than every 3 days previously.

My Laser Hair Removal Results after four treatments

  • After 4th session: I don’t need to shave anymore, the regrowth is much less, finer and even more slower.
  • My bikini hair is particularly effective,

My final thoughts

I have fallen in love with my hairless skin!. I will continue to do the remaining 4 sessions according to the recommendation, and look forward to even better results.

Premier Laser Comment :

Thanks for your review! It’s really detailed!.

We hope it gives you an insight into the laser hair removal process is from enquiry to results.

If you are thinking about laser hair removal take the first step today and book a free consultation. We have generous student discounts, finance options and we price match so we won’t be beaten on price!.


Consultations are free, the only cost to you is your time![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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