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What are Freckles – And What Are Your Options If You Want to Treat Them?

Smiling woman with freckles

Freckles are a common skin concern, some love their freckles, where as others may wish they weren’t so visible. In this blog we will uncover what freckles are – and how you can treat them effectively?

First, know that freckles are not themselves harmful, nor do they indicate a health problem. They are simply small, flat pigment cells, typically light brown or tan in colour. Once again, we can thank genetics. Freckling is a recessive trait; if both parents have it, they can pass it on to their children. It is associated with the MC1R gene, which regulates skin pigment.

But have you ever seen a baby with freckles? Nope. They can have birthmarks and moles, but not freckles. This is because these spots of melanin appear and are darkened with exposure to sunlight. This is why you’ll notice more prominent freckling during the summer.

But while sun can cause freckles to appear and multiply, they are not a sign of skin damage, they are simply just your skin type. You can do everything perfectly in regards to protecting yourself from the sun, and you’re still going to have freckles.”

So if you’re sun-smart, freckles are fine. But what if, aesthetically, you’re not fine with freckles? Laser pigmentation removal is an effective option; wavelengths of light are applied to the affected area. This shatters the pigments, which are then removed via the lymphatic system.

There are also pigmentation peel alternatives: Cosmelan is a topical treatment that targets cells that are involved in pigmentation. It prevents melanin production, which can lighten blemishes and spots. SkinBrite is another option: this deep exfoliator penetrates damaged layers of the skin. By accelerating the skin’s natural renewal process, it can reveal an even complexion.

There is certainly nothing wrong with freckles; but if you would feel more comfortable and confidence with more even skin, you have effective options to pursue.

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