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Dermapen vs. Dermaroller: Which Treatment Is Right For You?

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The good news for those who want to look and feel their best is that there are a host of anti-ageing and skin improvement treatments on the market including Dermaroller and Dermapen.

Finding the right treatment for you

The bad news is with more treatments available then ever before and all claiming to be better then the last how do you choose what is suitable for you?.  As there are so many options available – and of vastly differing quality and effectiveness – it can be difficult to find the right solution.

With each of us being as beautiful and unique as a snowflake there is not a one size fits all approach when it comes to treatments.  If your friend had amazing results with a procedure or everyone on social media is going crazy about a new treatment, sadly this does not mean you will experience the same results.

Factors like

  • age
  • skin type
  • diet
  • lifestyle

all will play a part in which treatment is suitable for you and which will give you the best results.

(We always recommend that you  book a free consultation with our experienced practitioners who can let you know the most effect treatments for the results you’re after.)

dermapen v dermaroller microneedlingDermaroller and Dermapen

Dermapen and Dermaroller are both a form of microneedling which is a form of collagen induction therapy. The Dermaroller device has been around longer then the Dermapen. The Dermapen is an updated electronic version of the Dermaroller which is rolled by hand.

They are both an established proven treatment for a range of conditions so you no longer have to go under the knife and have risky invasive surgical procedures to get the results you’re after.

Treatments and technology have come a long way recently and the results as seen on our website with stunning before and after pictures plus client testimonials, really speak for themselves.

Should you take the plunge and go for the Dernapen? or stick to the traditional method of microneedling with the roller?

Microneedling and Dermapens growing popularity

One of our most popular treatments at Premier Laser is the Dermapen.  Dermarpen uses modern technology to replace the manual Dermarolling technique. When it comes to Dermapen versus Dermaroller microneedling many people often ask us how do you know which technique to choose and which one is more effective?.

Dermaroller v Dermapen

Both Dermaroller and Dermapen are collagen induction therapies; this means they work by creating “micro” wounds in the skin. This is done by small needles puncturing the skin as the roller or device passes over the skin.

If you have been online and seen this treatment being performed it can look quite gruesome as small drops of blood appear on the surface of the skin as the needles pricks the surface. That is why you may have heard it being called the vampire facial.

It looks painful but as you can see by the reactions of clients it is relatively painless – more uncomfortable then anything else.

Dermaroller is more uncomfortable and painful then the Derampen, but we will come on to that shortly.

Both Dermapen  and Dermaroller work by having the micro needles prick the skin which prompts the body to heal and repair itself by producing collagen but that is where the similarities end.

dermapen v dermaroller how to chooseWhat does the Dermaroller do ?

The Dermaroller is a handheld device designed to manually pass over your skin 15 to 20 times in a horizontal, vertical and diagonally way.  This creates microneedle columns (about 0.1 mm wide) that penetrate the skin. The columns close quickly as your body begins producing collagen.

It is a manual procedure as the pen is rolled back and forth and depends on the skill and experience of the practitioner for effective results.

The disadvantages or Dermaroller over Derampen

Although this technique can be effective and has been around for a number of years, it is often quite uncomfortable more so then having the same technique performed by a Dermapen.

  1. Also it is difficult to target small or curved areas (e.g. under the nose)
  2. You risk bending needles when penetrating scarred skin.
  3. You need a highly skilled and experienced practitioner to ensure the best results.
  4. The rolling technique creates crater shaped wounds which are larger and take longer to heal.

This can leave people struggling with scars or issues in areas difficult to reach with the Dermaroller at a loss – that is, until the Dermapen came along!.

The benefits and advantages of Dermapen microneedling

Dermapen is a huge upgrade to Dermaroller. It takes the advantages and benefits of Dermarolling and introduces technological advancements that makes it even more effective. These include :

  1. There is less damage to the epidermis then if you had the procedure with a Dermaroller which means quicker healing and better results.
  2. You can set the depth of the needle ie how deep you want the needles to penetrate into the skin from starting from 0.1mm.
  3. You are in control of how aggressive you want the treatment to be. Your trained practitioner will discuss your options and advise the best possible depth.
  4. With Dermarolling you can not set the depth as precisely as you can with a Dermapen so this will leave you with potentially uneven results.
  5. Less pain and bleeding as you can set the depth of the needle precisely to penetrate into the skin as mentioned above.
  6. The vertical delivery method ensures that needles won’t bend in thickened tissue and are quicker to heal unlike the larger crater wounds with a roller.
  7. Aesthetic professionals can navigate small and contoured areas easily.
  8. More problem areas can be treated leaving you with a more even finish.
  9. The technique is also a lot faster.
  10. The electronic needle springs up and down thousands of times per minute ensuring that areas covered are evenly treated and quicker.
  11. It prompts greater collagen production, as well as reducing discolouration.


And the winner is…

As you can see Dermapen is

  • easier
  • safer
  • less uncomfortable
  • and more effective

Your results will be more satisfying, not to mention longer-lasting. So there is a clear winner.

By using technology Dermapen has taken an already good technique in Dermarolling and taken in to a new level.

Next steps if you live in London

If you are interested in trying a Dermapen session today, and you live near one of our 9 London clinics, why not book in for a free consultation with our experienced skin specialist and say hello to smooth and rejuvenated skin!. Contact us for a consultation and get started!

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