Microneedling – the solution to stretchmarks


Stretchmarks are most commonly caused by changes in weight and pregnancy, occurring when your skin stretches quickly. They can appear white in colour, or sometimes red and can occur anywhere on the body. If they are unsightly and you feel self conscious, there is a solution; a technique called microneedling.

Microneedling is a way of stimulating your body’s healing processes. This heals skin naturally. It makes sense that you might be wary of the idea of subjecting yourself to hundreds of micro wounds, but microneedling is a safe way to use your own body’s natural response to get rid of stretch marks.

Each micro injury that’s created results in your body enacting a healing process. This process increases your body’s natural production of collagen and elastin. These naturally fight the look of ageing and improve the tone of your skin. It’s been used to remove scars, wrinkles, sun damage, and shrink pores, and get rid of stretch marks. There are a few different approaches that are useful:

Ultracel RF Microneedling: This combines radio frequency microneedling with high intensity, focused ultrasound. The “RF” in ultracel RF microneedling stands for the radio frequency microneedling device that delivers heat, tightening deeper layers of skin and not just the surface layer. The high intensity ultrasound is precisely focused to stimulate the growth of collagen.

Infini RF Microneedling: This is a precise technology where you can customise treatments in a very exact way. It also takes advantage of radio frequency microneedling to heat and tighten deeper layers of collagen. It’s very useful for eliminating wrinkles and scars for those with darker or more tanned skin tones.

Dermapen Microneedling: Dermapen microneedling is ideal for a course of treatment designed to repair deep wrinkles, scars, and blotches. It’s the most prolific microneedling approach and is suited for a broad range of skin tightening and tone improvement.

Remember, microneedling is safe and painless. It heals skin naturally and is an ideal way to take years off your look. It can help with imperfections as precise as very fine wrinkles, or as broad as stretch marks. Different types of microneedling and courses of treatment are ideal for different people who are looking for it to solve different problems. London Premier Laser can help you figure out the approach that will best help you heal scars, achieve a younger look, or get rid of stretch marks.

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