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Stretch marks and loose skin

Anyone who is a fan of Kim Kardashian will have seen her documenting her favourite skin and laser treatments. The latest on her Snapchat has shown her visiting her LA specialist to target stretch marks and loose skin on her stomach following the birth of her son, a common issue women struggle with post pregnancy.

Loose Skin due to ageing and weight-loss

Loose skin and stretch marks can also be left over if you have experienced lost weight. If you lost a lot of weight rapidly then your skin may not have had enough time to retract properly making stretch marks more visible.

It can really take the shine of your hard won achievements. Growing older can also lead to looser skin. As you age skin looses it tightness due to it producing less collagen and elastin.

stretch marks and loose skin

We know it can be difficult to find multi-faceted treatments to target both conditions effectively, so we asked our Treatment Director Lucy Xu to recommend the best techniques;

INFINI 3D Skin Tightening is the treatment of choice to solve this issue. Combining superficial, non ablative skin needling and radiofrequency penetrating deeper into the dermis, this advanced treatment targets stretch marks whilst simultaneously tightening lax skin”.


This technique uses micro needles across the area to stimulate skin collagen and elastin production, encouraging the skin to heal itself and the evening the appearance of the stretch marks. This also does wonders for any pigmentation or uneven skin tone in the area.


Using heat, the radiofrequency technique penetrates deep into the skin, encouraging a tightening, firming effect on loose and lax skin.

The 3D dimension to this advanced treatment allows us to work on the lower, the middle and top layers of the skin.

With no downtime, the INFINI 3D Skin Tightening treatment is non-invasive and fast working. Depending on the severity of the stretch marks, you may require 3-6 treatments and sometimes more for optimum results.

Cost of treating loose skin and stretchmarks

Microneedling prices start from £183

Rf Microneedling prices start from £270

More then one treatment is usually required so purchasing packages of 3 or 5 treatments works out better value. Financing is also available for treatments over £280

next steps

Don’t let stretch marks make you feel self-conscious, come and see us for a complimentary consultation. Talk over your concerns and goals and find out what it possible for your skin by speaking to our experienced skin specialists.



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