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Laser Hair Removal – Why You Need More Than One Treatment

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Laser hair removal is a very efficient process. It doesn’t work the same for everyone, though. Many people need multiple treatments. This is because we all have different hair growth rates, patterns, and density. Our hair pattern changes throughout our lives because our bodies are changing throughout our lives. A few treatments will be able to achieve the smoothness and sleekness you want, but the precise number will vary by person and hair pattern.

How Laser Hair Removal Works

Laser hair removal works by focusing on the pigment in the hair in the skin. The pigment is targeted by the laser, heating and eliminating it. Used in laser hair removal, it eliminates the hair follicle below the surface of the skin. This is safe – there’s no burning or blistering involved.

Why This Means Multiple Treatments

This said, hair is constantly growing. This means you regularly have hair follicles that are dormant. They’ll become active anywhere from a month to two months later, which is why a course of treatment is necessary rather than a single one.

A single treatment will only address the follicles that are active at the moment, leaving the dormant ones alone. When those dormant ones activate, they’ll grow just like normal. Your active and dormant follicles are right next to each other, so to properly remove unwanted hair from an area, you’ll need to visit again when you can get those newly active follicles zapped!

Safe Treatment for Darker Skin

Be aware that different skin composition can present different challenges. Because lasers target by the colour they’re seeking, pigment levels in skin can change the type of laser we use, the efficiency of the process, and the most suitable course of laser hair removal treatment. We have to be careful with darker skin so that it isn’t scarred or lightened where the laser targets, whereas there’s more contrast between lighter skin and hair follicles. For this reason, we have different lasers in our clinic to treat different skin and hair types.

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