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Get The Chelsea Look: Glossy, Posh Girl Fabulousness in 3 Steps

‘Sloane Ranger’ entered Britain’s national vocabulary in the 1980s to refer to young and wealthy Chelsea-dwellers with a distinctive, understated style. Princess Diana was the original poster girl. But now, 30 years on, Sloane style has evolved to include the enviably glowing, shiny-haired, fur gilet-wearing cast of Made in Chelsea, who many of us are oh so familiar with already.

Let’s forget about the boys for a moment, because we’re not too bothered how Spencer got his six pack, we’ve got the gist from Instagram and his numerous Men’s Health cover shoots. What we want to know is how the MiC girls are so glossy and perfect looking all the time.


We all know the weather is slightly nicer here in London than most of the UK, but even the streets of the Royal Borough experiences a few gales. How come their hair is so voluminous without looking bulletproof?

Most of the girls have shared their love of various clip-in hair extensions, products and mousses in various interviews, but Lucy Watson owes her look to learning how to backcomb. “After being on so many shoots I’ve learnt about different make-up and hair products…It makes such a difference because my hair’s very fine.”

If you have fine hair like Lucy’s, invest in some good rollers and any volumising products that are suited to your hair type – you might find cream-based products a bit heavy, so try mousses and sprays instead.

Louise Thompson has an even more low-maintenance hair regime; “I pop a bit of serum on my hair and leave it in a turban”, she says, preferring to let her hair dry naturally. Unfortunately, many of us don’t have effortless, natural, shiny waves, so firing up the curling wand might be in order.


Back in January, when the winter blues were hitting us all pretty hard, Binky Felstead blogged about a Premier Laser treatment that gave her skin some much-needed refreshment. Just back from some winter sun in Mexico, Binky could feel the effects of constant sun-exposure – something that can really dehydrate and damage the skin – and “wanted a treatment that would refresh and clear my skin without the downtime of a peel”.

The Vitamin C Rejuvenation Facial was Binky’s treatment of choice, as it exfoliates the outer layer of skin as well as targeting the deeper levels of the dermis, encouraging cell renewal beneath the surface. I think we can all agree it’s left her with an amazing youthful glow.

vitamin c peel skincare


The Made in Chelsea cast love a themed party, but the rest of the time their style has become so varied it’s hard to claim they’re a ‘type’ anymore, like Sloane Rangers were in the 1980s. Rather than tweed, polo necks and barely brushed hair, the 21st Century Sloane is branching out into more high-street brands.

“My favourite shops are Zara and All Saints…and I like Topshop too.” Says high-street lover, Lucy Watson. You’d expect her to still have some serious splurges in her wardrobe though, right? “.

Handbags and jackets

I would only ever spend that much money on a nice handbag or a jacket, but not on day-to-day clothing because my wardrobe changes all the time” – so it seems even Chelseaites love a bit of fast fashion.

Lucy doesn’t think there’s a specific Chelsea style because they’re all so different, but “there is an air of sophistication, everyone dresses in a classic way and it’s important to be well-groomed”.

Well, there you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth. It doesn’t matter if you have a huge budget or not, the British high street is the place to be for the modern Sloane. They’re just like everyone else really…

So there are a few different style options for aspiring MiC girls. Your budget might be much smaller, but you can still use Victoria Baker-Harber as inspiration.

Luxury Wardrobe

Her luxe wardrobe, sky-high heels that are suitable for nothing less than UberEXEC, and waist-length golden hair is the envy of many. Okay, so she’s Chelsea’s mean girl in residence, but we still want to look like her…

Rosie Fortescue, international style blogger and MiC veteran has one of the most enviable Instagrams you’ve ever seen, though you will occasionally wonder how she’s wearing that skirt with no tights in the middle of February. (Turns out you just get driven everywhere if you live in Kensington & Chelsea)

With her pick of most labels and high street favourites, Rosie has accumulated quite the wardrobe, focusing mainly on bright faux fur pieces, statement shoes and simple dresses. If you want to emulate Miss Fortescue, be prepared to branch out. A lot.

So none of the MiC girls can entirely thank their good breeding for their flawless complexions and wardrobes, turns out you can cheat your way to the same look.


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