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Introducing the New 5:2 Diet…For Your Skin!

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Whether you tried it or not, we’re all familiar with the 5:2 Diet. It hit the headlines in 2012 with promises to allow dieters the freedom to eat normally for five days a week, still being able to eat virtually whatever they wanted, as long as they then heavily restricted their calorie intake for two days a week. Well now there’s a version for your skin, which involves leaving your skin clear and make-up free for two days a week.

The first five days are “key to its popularity”, according to an analysis on BBC Good Food, and it’s claimed that women on the diet can lose 1lb a week, men potentially a bit more.

There are lots of claims and theories surrounding the diet, some overwhelmingly positive, and some much more critical, but there’s a new 5:2 in town that’s a little bit different.

The 5:2 Skin Diet was suggested by dermatologist Dr Sejal Shah, who thinks giving our skin a break is pretty essential. Apparently “residue from make-up builds up on skin over time because people don’t properly cleanse their faces”. The skin is left covered in things that will irritate it and encourage it to break out over time, it will also clog pores and potentially cause inflammation – all the stuff you really don’t want, basically!

Beauty products, though we all stand by them and use them regularly, interfere with our skin and change its ability to stay fully hydrated and clear. So taking two days out a week to ‘detox’, and give your skin chance to breathe, could be really beneficial.

Fasting for your skin

‘Fasting’ doesn’t mean not putting anything on your face at all. It’s essential to use a gentle cleanser that doesn’t contain any alcohol (notorious for drying out the skin), and to rub the cleanser in without the use of a washcloth. Fingers only! Some materials are surprisingly abrasive.

Next, rinse with lukewarm water. Heat opens up the pores, but too much can leave you red-faced and it’ll take a little while for it to go down. Hot showers can make the face feel dry and tight, because it washes away a lot of the skin’s naturally occurring, essential oils. Skin tightness is something you need to be aware of, no matter what the circumstances of your skincare regime. If your face feels tight after cleansing, you’re using the wrong cleanser and drying your skin out.

Moisturiser is an important third step, and it’s also crucial to limit washing your face to twice a day. This is the most you’ll ever need – any more is excessive.

When did you last clean your make-up brushes?

An awkward question, yes. Especially as none of us can really claim to wash them anywhere near often enough! Foundation brushes especially are used all over our skin, so cleanliness is important. You don’t need any special products, just some baby shampoo or an unscented soap, and they can dry overnight.

One great beauty hack is to use olive oil or almond oil on brushes that are particularly caked. It breaks down residue efficiently, and means you don’t have to buy any expensive, harsh, alcohol-based make-up brush cleansers.

More than a quick fix

Taking two days off from wearing makeup isn’t something most women will want to try, let’s be honest. How do you choose the two days? At work it’s not always appropriate, and the weekend is red lipstick time, not no lipstick time.

For the same experience and results, without having to go out barefaced and self-conscious, there are a variety of facial treatments and peels which leave the skin glowing and thoroughly cleansed.

The Obagi Blue Peel RADIANCE® contains a unique blend of acids to provide a gentle but effective peel, resulting in tighter, smoother, brighter-looking skin immediately after just one procedure. Don’t let the word ‘peel’ but you off though, this is a gentle, soothing treatment that has zero recovery time.

So nothing can stop you from that daily smokey eye.

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