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Happy Halloween with Dermapen Vampire Facial Needling

Happy Halloween with Dermapen Vampire Facial Needling

Dermapen Vampire Facial Needling

Halloween  is just around the corner. It is time to see some blood! If you haven’t try dermapen microneedling before, this is the best time for it!

What is Dermapen microneedling and why does it make me bleed?

As living mechanisms, our bodies always work to repair any problems. Think about when you get a cut or a bruise. Your body will use all its power to fix the problem. Stop the bleeding, cover the cut and polish the surface.
But that is not all! It also keeps renewing itself to make sure all our organs are working perfectly, they are fresh and young and working to full potential.

As our largest organ, skin also takes lots of time to fix and renew constantly. This renewal is done with some helpful enzymes such as collagen.

However, by the time we age, our metabolism gets slower with the routine renewals. Hence we start to get wrinkles and fine lines on our skin. And some acne scars don’t get fixed as quick or perfect as it used to.

It’s not because your body doesn’t want to keep you as refreshed as before, but now it has more things it needs to fight against such as stress, bad eating habits, pollution and so on.

But we don’t have to just accept this and go on with our lives. We can actually trick our bodies to bring back its glory days!

How? By causing artificial scars to make our skin work on.

When our skin sees a cut or a scar, it gives special attention to the area to fix the problem. And even after fixing it, our skin makes sure to keep the helpful enzyme production to the maximum on the area for a good while.

How does Dermapen Vampire Facial Needling work?

Dermapen microneedling creates tiny artificial scars on the top layer of your skin. These scars are created with very thin needles penetrating the skin very quickly and in a controlled manner.

Happy Halloween with Dermapen Vampire Facial Needling

Even though these artificial scars are not really scars and won’t cause any problems on your skin, your metabolism considers it as a threat and provides extra resources to fix the problem.

Although as we said there is not really a problem!

So your skin overcorrects the area and leaves you with a better looking and younger appearance.

Happy Halloween with Dermapen Vampire Facial Needling

In a nutshell, dermapen tricks your skin to wake up and work like it used to!
So much for tricks and treats, right?

If you would like to learn more about the science behind it and see if your skin is suitable for dermapen treatment, book a FREE consultation now and speak to one of our skin experts.


How much blood is there going to be after Dermapen treatment?

Dermapen microneedling has different depth and speed settings that will be arranged by your practitioner depending on your skin type and condition.

While 0.25mm depth on lower speed will mainly cause a little redness on your skin, 2.5mm will probably cause some bleeding.


But anything for beauty, right?

Do not worry! As we previously mentioned, the treatment is completely safe and your experts will be only using the appropriate settings on your skin. And then again the traumas created on our skin are not actual scars.

It is normal to have some discomfort after your treatment but if you experience any side effects or constant discomfort, you can contact your clinic and your experts will further examine your skin and make sure you reach your skin goals in the most comfortable way.

The whole dermapen process

Before starting your dermapen treatment, your clinician will give you a full consultation and ask you about your main skin concerns. They will also explain to you the whole process and answer any of your questions.

Dermapen microneedling process takes around 30-45 mins. As it is a relatively painful treatment, your clinician will offer you some numbing cream before the treatment.

If you prefer to have numbing cream, you will definitely have a much comfortable treatment and won’t feel anything.

If you skip the numbing cream, dermapen can promote a better blood flow however the treatment can be a bit uncomfortable.

If you prefer to have the numbing cream, you will be asked to wait for 30 mins for the cream to show its full effect. Meanwhile, you can relax in the treatment room.

After 30 mins your clinician will come to the room and check your skin on different areas to make sure the cream was effective in all areas. If you have thicker skin, they might wait further 10 mins to better penetration.


After clearing the cream off of our skin, your clinician will clean your face with alcohol-based solutions. This is to protect your skin from any bacterias entering during the treatment while the needles are penetrating your skin.

After cleaning the whole face, they will apply the special gel and start the procedure. The microneedling tips are for single use. And your clinician will open yours from its new package whilst showing you.

During your treatment, your clinician will constantly ask you how you are feeling to make sure you are comfortable.

Happy Halloween with Dermapen Vampire Facial Needling

They will go through all the areas multiple times on different angles and movements for the best results with the dermapen. Also, during the treatment, your practitioner can change the depth and the speed of the dermapen depending on the facial area. Some areas on our face have thinner skin and can only tolerate lighter settings, or doesn’t need deep penetration. Or if there are any specific scars or imperfections, your clinician can specifically focus on those areas for maximum benefit.

After your treatment, they will apply Hyaluronic serum on the face to improve the treatment effects with higher absorption. After the serum, they will apply a special face mask where you can only get in the clinic with professional treatments. This mask will hydrate your skin and promote the recovery.

After the mask, your clinician will apply SPF to your skin and inform you about the aftercare.

Your skin might look a little red for 2-3 days after the day depending on the severity of your treatment. But once the redness is gone, you will see the amazing results on your skin.

Happy Halloween with Dermapen Vampire Facial Needling

Would you like to know more about the Dermapen Vampire Facial Needling treatment? Our experts offer you FREE – non-obligatory consultations at our clinics.

Just follow the link to book your free consultation  Pop into one of our 9 clinics and our experts will examine your skin and tell you if you are suitable for the dermapen treatment.

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