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Which areas can Coolsculpting treat?

Which areas can Coolsculpting treat?

Which areas can Coolsculpting treat? a common question we receive from our clients, so we decided to create this blog for you to break them down!

Coolsculpting fat freezing treatment can provide you with between 20-25% fat reduction in the treatment area. One of the main reasons it is preferred by millions is that the treatment can be performed on many areas on the body.

Regular exercise and a healthy diet are the key elements to stay fit and reach your body target. But we all have those areas on our body, whatever we do, it seems impossible to get rid of the stubborn fat!

Which areas can Coolsculpting treat?

Coolsculpting can be performed most of the main concern areas on the body. And every area that is offered for Coolsculpting treatment has been approved by the FDA as a safe treatment.

We’ve prepared the list of Coolsculpting areas that can be treated for you.

CoolSculpting double chin

Coolsculpting for double chin

Gathered fat under the chin area is mainly genetic. So it doesn’t always link to your overall body weight.

That’s why you can still have a double chin even if you are doing regular exercises and following a particular diet.

Coolsculpting for flanks/love handles

Not every area on our body is on the shape naturally. Sometimes the way we get dressed and our clothes can affect our body shape. For examples wearing low-waist trousers can put pressure on the belt area which can then push the natural fat covering the body evenly, can bulk up on the top of the beltline. This then causes love handles/ muffing top/ flanks.

love handles coolsculpting

Coolsculpting for bra fat

Just like love handles, bra fat is also shaped from clothing. Bra straps tighten the body and move the natural fat into more condensed fat pockets. This can form on the back and the front side of the body depending on the person and the clothing. Considering on average a woman wears bra 2/3 time of their lives, it is highly possible to experience bra fat.

backfat coolsculpting

Coolsculpting for back fat

It is mostly genetic which area your body stores the excess fat. Some people experience back fat naturally as well as it can be caused by certain type of clothing.
Whichever would be your case, Coolsculpting can help you to reduce your backfat.

Abdominal fat reduction with coolsculpting

Coolsculpting for abdomen

The abdomen is one of the most common body areas people suffer from excess fat. The nature of the body area and the skin ability to stretch further than most of the areas make the abdomen the biggest struggle for many people.

Coolsculpting for knees

In the past Coolsculpting could only treat certain areas. However with the introduction of mini applicators, now more areas can be treated. Such as the excess fat over the knees.

thigh fat reduction before and after
Coolsculpting underneath the buttocks

You might want to fit and look better into your jeans. If this is one of your motivations considering coolsculpting, you should know that having the treatment underneath the buttocks (also known as banana rolls) will make the most difference

inner thigh fat reduction

Coolsculpting for inner thighs

Inner thighs are one of the hardest areas to get rid of stubborn fat with exercise. But with Coolsculpting you can get reduce the fat in the area 20-25%.

arm fat reduction before and after

Coolsculpting for upper arms

Upper arms are another common area for fat bulges. And just like inner thighs, underarms are also very hard to get rid of fat only from exercise.

If you are complaining any fat bulges on your body and want to get rid of them for a slimmer and more defined body silhouette, Coolsculpting is definitely for you.

Our expert Coolsculpting team is offering free consultation. Why not book yours now?

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