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How To Get Rid Of Love Handles


A question that many of our clients have is How to get rid of love handles? Love handles, muffin tops, baby fat, potbelly… No matter which name you use, the excess fat on flanks doesn’t sound nice.

Our bodies store the extra fat for energy. Where it is stored depends on genetics and lifestyle. When some people gain weight, the fat is stored in an equal manner to the whole body. Abdomen, arms, hips, flanks, and even face.

But for some people, excess fat is stored in some particular areas of the body. For example, many women store the extra pounds either on their abdomen or on their hips.


There are many genetic and hormonal reasons behind why we are storing our fats in these areas. For example, women having wider hips than men and storing fat around the hips actually helps while carrying a baby.

And we also know the testosterone hormone is causing fat bulges on the arms. That’s why men usually have wider arms comparing to women. And by the time women age, with the increase of the testosterone hormone on their body, they also start storing fat on their arms as well.

But with love handles, it is not entirely genetic or hormonal.

Of course, if you are genetically more prone to store fat on your belly and flanks, you are most likely to have wider love handles. But it is also directly connected to your lifestyle.



Why do we have them?

90s fashion introduced us to low waist trousers. Which, by the most classic fashion designers, is considered as bringing the end of the hourglass figure for women.

Our bodies can be shaped very easily. Using low waisted clothes for years also started to shape our bodies as well. This new fashion creating pressure just under our abdomen and flanks made a visible cut on our waist area. Just like a toothpaste tube, when most of us gain weight, we keep the belt-line just under our tummies. And the excess fat stores on the top of it.

This extra fat on the flanks is called love handles or if it joined forces with the tummy fat, you have a proper muffin top.

So when we are dieting and exercising to get rid of the excess fat, we might lose significant weigh. But because the fat bulges on these areas actually belonged to a bigger area, and with the fashion or other lifestyle choices they have gathered in a more specific smaller area, we see a smaller change here, or we get stuck with some stubborn fat pockets.

lovehandles coolsculpting

How to get rid of love handles?

Coolsculpting is a highly effective fat reduction treatment. It is not a weight-loss method. But it is to fight with specific problem areas and the fat bulges. It freezes the excess fat cells and breaks them. Then the dead fat cells leave the body in natural ways.

Coolsculpting is applied to the body with applicators. It can be performed in different areas of the body. And to reach many areas, it is designed with different size applicators.

Coolsculpting on love handles are usually applied with 2 regular size applicators, one on each side of the body. The coolsculpting applicators can be applied on both sides of the body at the same time. This way your treatment time will be reduced by half and you can get back to your daily life right after your treatment.

During your coolsculpting treatment love handles, the machines are secured with a special band and we also use body pillows for extra comfort.

The coolsculpting treatment takes as little as 35 minutes on love handles. During your coolsculpting treatment, your clinician will offer you drinks and you can spend your time on your phone, catch up with your series or listen to music.

After your coolsculpting on love handles, your clinician will make an intense massage to both areas. This will help the fat cells to break easier and will help increase the fat loss percentage.

To increase the effects of your coolsculpting treatment on love handles, you can also make this message to yourself on the following days! Right after your treatment, you can go back to your daily life.


While coming to your coolsculpting appointment for love handles area, we would recommend wearing some loose clothing. If the weather allows, you might want to prefer a loose dress to help you with comfort. If not, prefer to wear loose waisted trousers rather than tight ones.

And make sure your underwear is not tight and uncomfortable.

After the coolsculpting treatment, your love handles can get swollen and can feel some discomfort. This is absolutely normal. It will go away in a week.

After having coolsculpting on your love handles, you can start seeing the results in 1 month. Our clients usually realise the most significant change around the 3rd month. And the fat loss usually continues up to 6 months.


We will invite you again to our clinics to record your results and follow up. We will make the measurements and take the after photos for your love handles coolsculpting results. The average fat loss on love handles after 1 coolsculpting session is between 25-30%

If you would like to have more information about coolsculpting on how to get rid love handles or other parts of your body, you can book a free consultation now!

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