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Kate Middleton’s Beauty Secrets

Since Kate and His Royal Highness Prince William started courting, everyone has been discussing Mrs Cambridge’s beauty secrets, especially since commencing her royal duties with her wedding to him and becoming a Duchess.

Wherever the Duchess went, the onlookers and media have been fascinated and blown away by her beauty and elegant, effortless style. Whatever the occasion, she looked impeccable. Even during her pregnancy.

And again, with her first appearance after giving birth to the little Prince, people from all over the world have been impressed by her looks.

So how does she achieve this effortless look of elegant beauty?


According to close friends, Kate resorts to skincare products with bee venom ingredients. Yes, bee venom. Where we shy back and wince with the idea of bees and their painful venom, Kate sees the venom with all its benefits. Bee venom is said to refine and repair the skin, leaving a smooth, younger-looking face and body surface that radiances a healthy glow.

Of course we don’t recommend that you find a large stick and start poking about the trees in your nearest forrest in an effort to find some bees. This would not be a great idea and would most likely end up with you having, well, a very swollen face due to all the stings you will receive from a swarm of angry bees.

Instead if you wish you try bee venom a quick search online can bring up all sorts of skincare products, produced by various brands.


For her body, besides the before mentioned skincare products, the Duchess also likes to resort to fake tan to help with looking tanned, after all the British weather isn’t known for its sunny side!

Now there is one thing using fake tan to create an overall nice looking darker complexion and then there’s looking like an Umpa Lumpa.

Of course Kate manages to apply the tan evenly and subtly to her skin, giving her a nice tanned glowing apperance, without the whole orange look.


In terms of hair, Kate trusts her locks only to Kerastase and Phyto, two popular French haircare brands who use a combination of various natural ingredients, giving her mane a healthy shine, and making millions of women green with envy. Since we cant remember the last time Kate had a bad hair day, these natural products seem to do the trick. Also wearing your hair in similar fashion wherever you go, mostly down or in a half-up do, certainly helps too!


Kate Middleton has an impeccable taste in fashion. Always looking the part with her elegance, she brings out her biggest physical asset – Her Waist.

Whether she wears a short or long dress, or trousers and a blouse, her waist is always accentuated, making her frame appear even smaller than it already is.

Additionally to this, Kate always wears a high-cut top, to round off her elegancy in contrast to many other celebrities, who use their chests to gain media attention.


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