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Acoustic Wave Therapy – Cellulite’s Worst Enemy

Cellulite is like that annoying friend that you just can’t get rid of no matter how much you try. Now for the purpose of this article we shall call cellulite Dave. See Dave likes to tag along everywhere you go and even makes you look bad on your holiday photos. He certainly loves being the centre of attention, seriously as soon as the sun comes out and you pop on your shorts Dave is there, screaming “look at me”.

You have tried asking him to leave nicely by changing your diet and by exercising but Dave is persistent and will just not leave you alone.

Time to bring in the muscle. You and Dave have known each other for a good few years now but it’s time to say goodbye, it’s time to introduce him to your new best friend Mr AWT.

What is Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT)?

Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT) utilises sound waves which are applied to the cellulite region. These waves combat both the major causes of cellulite; fibrous septae and the protrusion of fat into the lower dermis. When the sound waves are applied they stimulate the varying skin layers resulting in:

• Smoother, firm skin

• Breakdown of fat deposits

• Connective tissue tightening and retention of fat cells in the subcutis

This treatment was first discovered by chance. Even though acoustic waves have been used in the medical industry for many years to treat such things as kidney stones and muscle disorders, its “skin smoothing” capabilities where unknown.

Straight To The Point Without Needles

Until AWT the only way to improve the appearance of the cellulite dimples involved needles, and lots of them. Skin needling with a derma roller causes a micro injury to the skin triggering off the natural healing response which involves the body producing new collagen.

In contrast Acoustic Wave Therapy is painless and is none invasive. Research has shown that in female patients the skin elasticity can improve by 110%.

What Does The Treatment Entail?

Firstly a conducting gel is applied to the cellulite affected area to be treated. Next the AWT device is gently and smoothly moved over the skins surface, delivering the powerful yet painless waves deep into the skin. This usually takes around 30 minutes, but is dependent on the severity of the cellulite reduction required. After there is absolutely no downtime meaning you can continue with normal activities as soon as you have had the treatment.

80% of all women have been affected by Dave at some point in their lives, If you would like to finally say bye to him you can find more information here.

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