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Say Bye To Your Acne


Whilst acne is something which most adolescents will have to deal with, if it continues to be a problem into adulthood it can not only be embarrassing, it can also start to affect your self-esteem.  Interestingly however, around 1in 5 adults between the ages of 25 and 40 suffer with some degree of acne so it is possibly more common than you might think.

Treating adult acne can be quite straightforward if you follow some basic rules:-

Don’t Touch Your Face

As tempting as it can be to pick or pop a pimple, this can lead to scarring and is unlikely to speed up the process of the pimple disappearing from your skin.  As a general rule, you should keep your hands away from your face as much as possible to stop the transfer of dirt and grime which can clog up your pores.

Wash Your Face after Washing Your Hair

If you are washing your hair in the shower, make sure you properly wash your face afterwards.  Shampoo contains residues and oils which can run down your face, get into your pores and cause a break out of acne.  By ensuring that you wash your face you can limit how much of residue gets left on your skin.

Use chemical-free products

Make sure you are only applying chemical-free, gentle products to your skin in the form of any cleansers you are using as well as make up removers.


This may surprise some people but exercise can be an effective tool in the fight against acne.  By working up a sweat you can flush your pores and help stop them becoming clogged.  Just ensure that any clothing you wear is breathable and doesn’t irritate your skin further.

Face Masks

Using a face mask made with honey once a week is a great way of helping your skin to heal itself.  Honey is antibacterial making it perfect for disinfecting the skin and it is also suitable for those with sensitive skin too.  You can buy a honey face mask or make one yourself using ingredients from your kitchen.

Food Moderation

Whilst you shouldn’t believe the rumours that certain food groups can cause acne, you should eat less healthy foods in moderation.  A healthy body can help you to get healthier skin so although fatty foods and chocolate may not have a direct link to the cause of acne, limiting the amount you eat can certainly help from a bigger picture perspective.

Professional Help

If you find that your acne is still causing you difficulties, even when you take the above rules into consideration, it might be worth investigating professional help.  The latest treatment to become available for the management of acne is a green peel. Green peels are herbal face peels essentially and work by removing the outer layer of skin to encourage new skin growth and the degree of ‘peel’ can be altered depending on the individual.


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