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Summer Skincare: Top tips for in flight skin care

Summer is here and it is holiday time at last. As much as some well-earned R&R can do wonders for your energy levels, travelling long distances and being out in the sun can also be tough on your skin.

Long flights can be particularly damaging to the skin, as you’ll be spending hours in a high pressured, air conditioned environment. The air in the cabin can cause drying of the skin, leaving it flaky and dehydrated when you arrive. Added to this, jetlag and the stresses of travelling can cause disruption of your cortisol levels, leaving your skin blotchy, spotty and generally unpleasant.

If you’re planning a long haul trip this summer, staying in control of your skin is crucial if you want to look your best when you arrive. Here are our top tips for summertime skincare whenever a flight is involved.

Take control before you fly

Making some small tweaks to your skincare routine before you set off will set you up nicely for a stress free experience. A professional beauty therapist can help you decide which products are best for your skin type, but as well as this you can consider:

  • Extra moisturising: Use a rich, hydrating moisturiser in the daytime to lock in additional moisture on your face and body. This long-lasting, deep moisturizer for dehydrated and sensitive skin spreads easily and evenly. It is enriched with a blend of anti-oxidants, vitamins and green tea as an anti-inflammatory agents providing ultimate anti-ageing protection for your skin.
  • Night time cream: For a healthy, radiant glow on your holiday, invest in some high quality, nourishing night cream for your face.
  • Drink more water: Top up your hydration levels before you fly by including additional water in your diet, and eating plenty of vitamin rich fruit and veg.

Being prepared for your trip is half the battle, and making sure you boost your skins protection in plenty of time can make all the difference when you arrive.


Be kind to your skin in flight

Short flights are not too much of a problem, but anything over three hours can be highly detrimental to your skins balance, so do your best to be kind to your skin when you fly to arrive looking fresh.

  • Avoid alcohol: Try to avoid the temptation to start the party early, as alcohol is a fast route to dehydration, inside and out.
  • Moisturise: Use a dab of moisturiser now and then, but do check the rules of your airline as there will likely be limits on the size of the tub or tube you can bring.
  • Sleep: Try to get some rest on the flight to counteract stress and jetlag when you arrive.

As well as moisturising your skin, it can be a good idea to take a refreshing spritz with you, if your airline will allow. This will let you stay fresh and feel better when you eventually get to your destination.

When you arrive

Don’t be afraid to have some power naps on the first couple of days, as this will help your body adjust to the new time zone and de-stress from travelling. Be sure to drink plenty of water to rehydrate your skin and body, and continue will a good skincare routine throughout.

Applying a Vitamin C Serum in the evening after sun exposure, can be a great way to revive tired skin; it can undo some of the damage that sun exposure will do to your face.

Taking care of your skin over the summer will help you look great, feel confident and enjoy your holiday more. Don’t forget your sunblock, and avoid too much alcohol to really nail your ravishing summer look.

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