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The truth about skin peels

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When you think of the term ‘skin peel’, you probably imagine the application of harsh, damaging chemicals, resulting in the skin physically peeling off. And in some cases you would be right.

Some types of skin peels are incredibly invasive, using painful acids to strip back the skin and promote collagen growth. A deep or medium peel may require anaesthesia before application, and will be conducted in a surgical setting. A deep chemical peel has a recovery period of 2 – 3 weeks, during which time the treated area will be heavily bandaged and painful. Certainly, having a chemical peel is not something to be entered into lightly.

Not all peels are the same

Here at Premier Laser Clinic, we offer a different type of skin treatments. We bring you a number of peels that are so gentle, they can barely be called peels; however, the results are the same – but without downtime.

If you’re looking for amazing results-driven procedure but without the pain and associated downtime, why not consider one of these revolutionary skin treatments:

  • Vitamin C Peel

This signature facial skincare treatment has proven again to deliver incredible results, even just after one treatment! The Vitamin C Peel uses pharmaceutical grade Vitamin C along with Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids to accelerate cellular rejuvenation and to brighten and tighten the skin.

With instant results and a clearer complexion for 6 – 8 weeks, this is one of our most popular skin treatments.

  • Anti-ageing Peel

This ‘quick fix’ facial peel is a great solution to achieving younger looking skin without going under the knife. The treatment uses retinol and glycolic to promote new cell growth and plumping collagen production.

The treatment takes just one hour, and has proven to result in visibly younger looking skin with a smoother surface and improved elasticity.

  • Anti-acne Peel

Get your breakouts under control with our anti acne facial treatment. Designed to reduce oiliness and promote a smoother, more controllable balance to your skin, this treatment uses a salicylic, glycolic peel to deep cleanse and drive out excess oils.

Immediately following treatment you’ll start to notice a difference, as balance is restored and your acne problems begin to heal.

  • Pigmentation Peel

Those who worshipped the sun in their younger days may be paying the price for it now, with brown spots and uneven skin tone. Our skin pigmentation facial peel uses a combination of lactic and Kojic acids to refresh, lighten and brighten your complexion, giving you more confidence and a more youthful appearance in an instant.

If you want a facial treatment that delivers amazing results, without damaging your skin and with no downtime, then our skin treatments are for you. Not all ‘peels’ are the same, and with our gentle skin treatments, you’ll notice the difference right away and won’t even have to take a day off work.

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