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Superfoods To Turn Back The Clock

Unless you know Peter Pan or Dorian Grey’s secret, ageing is inevitable. With ageing, wrinkles and fine lines begin to appear and intensify, sunspots crop up on your hands and hair becomes thinner and turns grey. Everyone ages at different paces, which is mainly due to our genetics and lifestyle choices.

We are so used to seeing age-defying celebrities who look fantastic for their age, including the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow and Naomi Campbell. One thing all these celebrities have in common to slow down the ageing process is incorporating superfoods into their diet.

Below are our top five superfoods that you should add to your diet to ward off the wrinkles a little longer.


Blueberries have always been known to improve brain and memory activity but their high levels of anti-oxidants and vitamins also mean that they are a winner when fighting against wrinkles. Its anti-ageing properties include anthocyanins which enhances the collagen in the skin and breaks down any radicals attacking the skin.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil is made from healthy mono-saturated fats, and regular consumption reduces your chances of developing heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer. Olive Oil is a fantastic superfood to strengthen hair follicles and make your skin glow and research suggests its anti-oxidant properties, including polyphenols, fight against premature ageing.

Green Tea

Drinking Green Tea daily is shown to effectively prevent the formation of wrinkles. This is because Green Tea has high levels of powerful anti-oxidants, including the likes of oligomeric proanthocyanidins and catechins, which are proven to protect the skin against free radicals that attack the skin’s collagen.

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate has a higher percentage of Cocoa than milk chocolate. Cocoa is rich in potent anti-oxidants called flavanols which are well-known to reverse ageing effects. These flavanols help keep blood vessels functioning normally, which has also been linked to lowering the risk of dementia. Dark Chocolate is also packed with tons of minerals including potassium, copper, magnesium and iron which are key to supporting your immune system and stabilising blood pressure.


Another superfood high in healthy mono-saturated fat is Avocado. The fantastic fatty acids and Vitamins E, C and B contribute to nourishing the skin’s texture and maintaining its moisture for healthy beautiful skin. Vitamin E is rich in anti-ageing properties and is wide-known as the ‘Youth Vitamin’.

All these superfoods perfectly complement our anti-ageing treatments, including the Anti-ageing peel and IPL Photorejevenation, and maintain your youthful appearance for much longer. To book a consultation for our anti-ageing treatments click HERE or call +44 (203) 811-4985



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