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The Luxury Student Experience

We are delighted to have partnered with Aileen Gilani, the founder of the fantastic! Aileen has created the perfect platform for students looking to experience the luxury life during their studies in London, and is actually a client of ours. Here she shares her experience with laser hair removal, why she decided on the treatment and how she is finding the results!

“I am so excited to share my personal experience with Premier Laser Treatment. Now as a student I had explored many products and treatments which in all honestly has made no huge difference. But as a student who was on a tight budget last year, I was desperate to feel good and beautiful. Especially for the following summer.

So I decided to go for their combined laser hair removal package treatment which ultimately gave me a long lasting result, worked on many areas on my body and as a bonus gave me a cheaper price. All of this was a huge surprise for me as usually I always look out for a catch or something in their ‘terms and conditions’. I started my set in September during my semester and it went through to June. It also gave me instant results which was perfect for me as I have absolutely no patience.

My treatments lasted 15 to 30 min tops (depending how many treatments you choose) which was really convenient if you’ve got a busy day or even coming home from lectures or work. After the treatment, a little luxury is applied with their products to protect your skin.

Their consultation is always the way to go, so you feel comfortable with the treatments and what to expect.

As a student I absolutely loved my summer because I felt incredible and confident with my skin, and it also made me so aware of what products to use and in future what treatments would work best for my skin type and sensitivity. I work everywhere, more in London which has so much pollution and humidity in the summer, but it made no difference to me this time. My skin had no reaction. For a tight budget, you can still have many treatments and still have a large package for the whole year, it’s not restricted at all. With helpful financing by the company you can pay in installments too. They make it so easy for you.

For all students, this gives you a luxurious experience that will give you results for the day and night life, making that 15 minutes of your time, totally worth it.”

Are you a luxury student looking for treatments this upcoming new term? Join us at our Luxury Student Beauty Experience events this September and October! We are offering FREE treatments, FREE demo’s and 20% OFF treatments, all accompanied by a glass of bubbly and canapes!

Wednesday 28th September 5pm – 8pm Clapham

Monday 3rd October 5pm – 8pm Soho

Tuesday 4th October – 5pm – 8pm Notting Hill

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