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Veet For Men – Funniest Reviews You Will Ever See [A Must Read]


When it comes to hair removal women are by far the most experienced out of the two genders. Give them a razor blade, wax strip or hair removal cream and faster then you can say ‘bobs your uncle’ they are all hair free and silky smooth. Have any of you ever watched ‘Stars In Your Eyes’? Well you know that part where the person enters the cloudy mist and reappears looking absolutely nothing like the singer they are supposed to be…well my bathroom at home is similar. The other half will start to run a really hot bath and close the door behind her while she is waiting for the water to fill the tub. Moments later when she re-opens the door all the mist pours out from the bathroom and engulfs her as she walks in…the next thing I know she re-emerges and the hair removal transformation has taken place. “Tonight Mathew I am going to be hair free”.

Being men we get ridiculed by women when it comes to pain and are constantly reminded that no matter what we have done and how painful something was we will never in our lifetime EVER feel the pain that is associated with childbirth. The thing is women have always had this wildcard at their disposal and therefore win this argument hands down every time. There has never been anything a man could ever come back with….until now.

See from a man’s point of view we know childbirth must be painful, I don’t think you will ever get a man that would even try and tell women otherwise, well not unless he doesn’t value his life very highly anyway.

Society over the last several years has become increasingly image conscious and even the stereotypical manly man is now eating healthily, wearing moisturiser and removing his body hair, yes even down there. Up until recently this was achieved with a pair of scissors and a good old fashioned razor blade. The only problem with this however is that for one it was not only dangerous but it could also take a very long time.


It seemed that there would never be an ideal way for men to keep his privates hair free until he found VEET. Now I don’t know if any of you have read any of the Amazon reviews for this hair removal cream but the word VEET has now made its way in the top 3 words men now fear the most – right below ‘commitment’ and ‘pregnant’. For anyone who has not had the pleasure of reading these you really need to see them (see here & here). They will not only have you in stitches but are seriously some of the funniest things I have ever read in my life. I can guarantee any of you women reading this that once a man has made one of the biggest mistakes he will ever make of using this product on his never regions he will never make it again, well assuming he has something left to use it on.

Men, if you wish to remove your pubic hair in a safe and effective manner London Premier Laser provide pubic laser hair removal courses that will leave you silky smooth.

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