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The Coolest Beauty Tips For 2013


Everyone is going on about the hottest beauty tips for this and the hottest beauty tips for that so I decided to be a little different, you know throw a curve ball out there and mix it up a little. Here you will literally find the coolest beauty tips for 2013. Yes the coolest! However we are not talking about the word cool as in wearing your pants half way down your legs cool or wearing your pyjamas or onesie to the supermarket kind of cool, no we literally mean cool, ice cube cool.

Sorry I just realised that I probably just broke some kind of Guinness world record for saying the word cool in any one paragraph…

Anyway back to our beauty tips…below are some great ways to use ice in your beauty regime.

All Natural Look

Women are masters when it comes to putting on makeup. No matter when or where they are they always have an emergency kit ready for when they need to touch up a nail or cover a cheeky spot. Sometimes however there are times when there is just no time. In these rare occasions if you want to give your face a dewy and fresh look without applying makeup just rub an ice cube or two onto your face.

Turn Back The Clock

Experts believe that massaging an ice cube on your face until it melts can keep wrinkles at bay and can prevent premature aging.

Reduce the Size OF Your Pours

By wrapping one or two ice cubes up in a cloth and applying pressure to your face making circular motions you can reduce the size of your pours. This also reduces the production of excess oil that your skin can naturally create leading to acne.

Spots…What Spots?

Do you have a pimple, whitehead or blackhead? Well fear no more. Instead of popping this oversized red monstrosity which could maybe lead to the situation getting worse, all you need to do is pop to your freezer and grab an ice cube. You guessed it, simply place the cube on your spot and watch that spot disappear…it’s magic.

Make Your Makeup Last Longer

By rubbing an ice cube onto the area you wish to apply makeup beforehand has a cooling effect which helps to keep it looking fresh and last longer.

Fruity Complexion.

Yeah who said ice cubes had to be made from water? Try pouring fruit juice into your ice tray and allow it to freeze. When they are all cube-ified try rubbing one on your facial area to get a radiant complexion.

Soothe Sore Eyes

If you are someone who works in an office constantly starring at your computer screen all day or glued to your TV or tablet at home why not give your tied sore eyes a break and place a ice cube on each one. This helps to refresh worn out eyes and keep them looking less tired.

Heat Rash Relief

If you have a heat rash and want to reduce the redness guess what you have to do? Massage ice cubes onto the affected area? Ha wrong…oh wait no your right, how did you guess? Make sure however to have them wrapped up in a cloth before applying directly to the rash.


When using any of these tips it is important to note that you should only really use 2 ice cubes at any one time. Also if you place the ice cube directly onto the skin this can cause the capillaries underneath to break if you have sensitive skin – to avoid this make sure to wrap up the ice cubes before using them.


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