15 Things Nobody Tells You About Losing Weight


Most people know that when you lose weight you are healthier and you can go out and buy a new wardrobe worth of clothes however what nobody does tell you is all these other things that can happen from reducing your weight.

Improved Memory

For example did you know that your memory could improve? A 2013 swedish study found that women scored better on a memory test after following a six month weight loss plan. After losing the weight brain scans suggested that the brain was better at recalling stored information and worked more effectively.

Change In Taste

Also a Stanford University study revealed that after paients lost weight relatively after  bariatric surgery, 87% of them reported a change in their taste. Around 50% of the people said they found their food sharper while the other half said their food was duller. This study also seems to be backed up from another study by the Leicester Royal Infirmary.

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15 Things Nobody Tells You About Losing Weight

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