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Why You Don’t Have To Stretch Your Budget To Remove Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are one of those things; they’re not only a side effect of having children either! Many people suffer from the disfiguring, silvery marks on their bodies. If you have ever been overweight for instance then you will probably have noticed some stretch marks appearing. Similarly, young people who experience sudden growth spurts in adolescent can find that they develop stretch marks.

What Causes The Marking?

Stretch marks are often referred to as stria or striae by healthcare professionals such as dermatologists. Usually, stretch marks begin as a very noticeable red colour but this often fades to a silvery whitish colour; however even once they have faded, many people feel self conscious of them and avoid wearing clothing which will reveal them. The cause of the marks is down to the dermis (the middle section of your skin layers) splitting when the skin is stretched and this is why pregnancy, weight gain and growth are often the cause of stretch marks.

What Can I Do To Remove Them?

There are numerous creams, oils and lotions on the market which purport to “cure”stretch marks but the jury is definitely out on how successful these treatments are. Whilst some of the nutrient rich oils can definitely improve the texture of the skin, thus improving the overall appearance of the stretch marks, there is no oil or cream which can cause them to totally disappear.

Laser treatment for your stretch marks is the best course of action if yours are particularly disfiguring or if you are very self conscious about them. Laser stretch mark removal treatment is growing more and more popular as people discover just how successful it often is. Non invasive, affordable and so easy to manage that you won’t even require time off work to recover; it really does have a lot going for it in terms of treating your stretch marks,

The best thing to do if you are curious about laser treatment for stretch marks is to make an appointment at your nearest clinic to discuss your needs. The specialist will examine the area of your body which is causing concern and then let you know how many treatments you will need. Most people need around three treatments to really see a difference and in some cases more.

Laser Treatment Is Effective, Safe and Best Of All Affordable

Having a baby or losing weight are landmark moments in a person’s life and the aftermath of these events should not be marred by the stretch marks which often come hand in hand with these times. Recovering your skin need not be a stressful or terribly expensive job…laser treatment is very affordable nowadays.

The freedom of wearing a bikini or shorts again is definitely worth the slight discomfort which laser treatment causes; although it is not very painful it does cause some discomfort and this is likened to a “flicking” feeling…rather like the pinging of an elastic band!

Don’t suffer in silence and don’t waste any more money on creams, oils and lotions…make an appointment today and find out more about the magic of laser treatment for stretch marks!

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