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10 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight


There are several factors that contribute to healthy and effective weight loss; our methods, our willpower and determination, how educated we are on the subject of weight loss.

Maybe it’s time to change your eating habits, replace bad habits with good ones and ultimately, provide yourself with the right environment to allow successful weight loss.

So, if you haven’t yet started to lose the weight you desire, don’t kick yourself, get clued up. Think carefully about these 10 reasons you’re not losing weight:

1. You’re simply not eating healthy

If your diet consists of large amounts of produce, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re on the right path to healthy weight loss. A healthy eating plan doesn’t include jugs full of diet soda, loaves of 1g net carb bread or a plate of pure fibre noodles. Eating food that has no real nutritional value is a no go! There’s more benefit in choosing pure, organic foods instead of engineered, processed garbage so disregard the food labels and be completely honest with yourself about the food that you’re choosing to consume. Take the junk out your trunk and eat real food!

2. Are you stressed?

Stress (of any kind), can cause you to lose weight (this may be harmful to your health) or gain it. The stress response system in our bodies is subconscious, it responds to stimuli. Stress causes the body to produce a hormone called cortisol, it increases muscle, worsens insulin resistance and promotes the storage of fat. If stress is working against you, take a step back and regain control as it may be holding you back from reaching your healthy weight loss target.

3. You’re totting up muscle

If you’re relying on weighing scales as a guide to your weight loss, don’t! Pull out the tape measure and line it up against your waistline. Your bathroom scales won’t measure body mass, muscle gain or bone density so use weighing scales with caution. If you’re feeling great but failing to see improvements, it’s likely to be extra muscle and stronger bone from resistance training.

4. You need to increase your level of activity

Moving frequently at a slow pace won’t work in your favour. If you want results, remember that every bit of movement counts but you might need to turn up the pace.

5. You haven’t yet overcome bad habits and developed good ones

Be honest with yourself and stop making excuses. Now is not the time to cover up your bad eating habits but to identify them and commit to developing good eating habits. If you’ve started off on the wrong note, it’s not too late to end on the right one.

6. Cleanse the cupboards

As long as junk food is in your cupboard, there is always the temptation. Keep the junk out of sight, of mind and out of reach and you’ll be on the right track to weight loss success.

7. You’ve reached a healthy homeostasis

Your body may have reached its ‘ideal’ weight, not your desired weight. Breaking weight barriers can be difficult but when these barriers are set by the body itself, what do you do? Measure your carb and calorie intake, check activity levels, examine sleep and stress too. If you can see no obvious reason as to the lack of weight loss, you may already have a healthy homeostasis.

8. You Pay With Plastic

A recent survey has shown that people who buy junk food are aware of the extra calories and cost of buying the unhealthy food but since they don’t feel the immediate hit in the wallet they are more prone to impulse buys. Whenever you buy a treat make sure to pay by cash only as this will help to reinforce the added cost and will help curb the impulses.

9. Low on willpower?

Willpower is the key to triumph. Motivation doesn’t always come easy so if you’re struggling with the will to workout, maybe start with small victories like going for a long walk. Consider your body’s need to rest and recover as over-training can cause more harm than good.

10. Give it time

The Primal Blueprint is a fat loss challenge and you may not acquire instant results. Everyone’s body mass, workout pace, bone density, stress level, willpower, metabolism is different. For many of us, managing our weight is a lifestyle choice. Be encouraged, you can do it if you put your mind to it!

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