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Banish Your Eye Bags!

Imagine this scenario. You put in a good eight hours with your head on the pillow the night before your job interview. You wake up the next morning hoping to look great, but when you glance in the mirror, there are those frustrating bags under your eyes again. What are you doing wrong? Why won’t…

Injectable Events this September

Over the month of September we will be hosting events in our clinics to introduce you to our Aesthetic Nurse Injector, Sarah Sheedy. The events will be a great opportunity for you to learn more about injectables, and ask Sarah any questions you may have. What do the events include? Q&A with Sarah Sheedy Live…

Lip Fillers: Everything you need to know

Full, plump lips – it’s certainly a sign of beauty, but not everyone has them naturally. Products like lipstick and lip liner can help, but they wear off, and they don’t always offer you the results you really want. If you’re sick of fighting your lips for real results and wasting your money on over-the-counter…

Fighting Those Dark Circles Under Your Eyes!

You probably dread them the moment they appear – they’re huge, noticeable, and willing to invite almost anyone passing by to ask “Are you getting enough sleep, dearie?” They’re the dreaded dark circles under your eye, and whether you’re getting plenty of shut-eye or you’ve spent the night at the club, they can appear at…

10 Common Things That Could Be Ageing You

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Habits are hard to break; that’s a given…which is why many of us continue to follow routines and to ingest things we know won’t do us any good at all even though deep down, we want to stop. The daily stresses of life, the problems with sleep and the tiredness which many of us use…

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