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Coolsculpting for double chin

Coolsculpting for double chin

You are about to take the best selfie ever! The light is amazing. The background is breathtaking. Your hair and make up couldn’t look any better! You take your phone out and about the snap your perfect shot…
But wait! Is that your double chin ruining your perfect selfie?
You are trying to cover with your hair but doesn’t work. Try different angles… you lose most of the background. The sun is gone. Your make up gave up from your frustration.

Don’t let your double chin to ruin one more selfie!

There are many exercises and treatments you might have heard to get rid of your double chin. But none of them will be as effective, comfortable, and accurate as Coolsculpting.

At Premier Laser & Skin our promise is always to offer the latest technology in the beauty industry. Coolsculpting, the latest and the most effective cryotherapy technology that is cleared by the FDA.

Coolsculpting for double chin

How does Coolsculpting work?

Coolsculpting works with freezing the fat bulges on the targeted area. The process starts with the consultation from your expert Coolsculpting practitioner to see if you are suitable for the Coolsculpting treatment. Your procedure will take as little as 35 minutes depending on the area. Your practitioner will mark the area to determine where the fat bulges are gathered and it should be targeted. Then depending on the size of the treatment area, one of the different size applicators will be chosen. Before placing the applicator your practitioner will use a special cover to make sure the treatment doesn’t affect your skin. Once the applicator is placed on the treatment area, your practitioner will make sure you are comfortable and leave you to enjoy your treatment with a snack, and TV.
After the treatment is completed, your practitioner will return in the room, take off the applicator and perform an intense massage on the treatment area.
With the freezing effect going down up to -11, Coolsculpting will freeze your fat bulges on the treatment area. While your performing the intense massage, all the connections between the fat cells will be broken. Your body then will get rid of the dead fat cells in natural ways.
As this is not an invasive procedure, your recovery time will not be long. Right after your treatment, you can go back to work or your other daily activities.
In 3 months time, you can see the optimum results which are up to 25% fat loss on the treatment area.

Coolsculpting for double chin

Coolsculpting for double chin

Coolsculpting uses different size applicators to provide flexibility in the treatment areas. There are regular size applicators available for use. And if your practitioner is treating a very large area, then larger applicators are also available.
Until a few years back, it wasn’t possible to treat the double chin area as the applicators were just too big for the purpose.
With the new applicator size Coolsculpting Mini and Coolsculpting Petite, it is now possible to perform the treatment on the small areas such as double chin perfectly.

When you are at our clinics for your Coolsculpting treatment for under chin area, your expert practitioner will mark the area as usual and depending on the size of the are they will either use 1 or 2 applicators for the treatment.
Depending on the size of the fat bulges and your results, they might recommend a second session as well. But you can make sure that at the end you will have the perfect neckline for your selfies.

Coolsculpting for double chin

Why should you prefer Coolsculpting to get rid of your double chin?

Under the chin area is one of the hardest areas to get rid of the fat bulges. Unlike our abdomen, flanks (love handles) or thighs, storing the excess fat on this area is not usually related to your overall weight. It is more related to your genes and body type. And you can still have a double chin if you are perfectly fit.
So no matter how much exercise you do or how many strict diets you follow, you may not be able to get rid of your double chin.
Of course, there are some special exercises for the under chin area are available for you to perform which can have an impact on the size of the excess fat on your neck. However these exercises often don’t serve as you intend, or they take such a long time for a little result.
With Coolsculpting treatment, you can get rid of your double chin just in one session, which will only take around 35 minutes.

Do you still have some more questions? Or are you also considering having Coolsculpting on other areas of your body as well?
Why not book a FREE consultation with our Coolsculpting experts and they can help you to achieve your dream body.


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