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Full Body Laser Hair Removal from £108 a month.

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Cost Effective and Pain-free Laser Hair Removal

Apart of cost effective and pain-free Laser hair removal is also treatment to get your skin looking soft and smooth every day, every week and every year, with no need to shave again.

The constant annoyance and hassle of shaving can now be resolved by investing in this worthwhile laser hair removal treatment.

The treatment is a PERMANENT reduction solution

For this procedure to take full effect you have to attend a number of sessions over a course of a few months and depending on the area being treated, I.e., the amount of hair being removed, the number of sessions you will have to attend is determined. Patients usually opt for attending once a month as it leaves the area enough time to settle before it is treated again. These sessions will last from a few minutes to up to an hour, so either way not very long at all, again depending on the area being treated.

This treatment will not guarantee that every hair follicle will be removed, but it will guarantee the reduction of hair growth to an extreme extent. This is perfect for any male or female wanting to escape the hassle of shaving every few days, allowing you to have that time back to leave your body as smooth and healthy looking as it’s ever been.

The treatment is COST EFFECTIVE

The laser hair removal cost starts from as little as £100 depending on the area being treated, and with the treatment only lasting up to an hour over a course of a few sessions; this is really worth the money in the long run. Also, you will no longer have to waste money on other hair removal equipment such as razors and wax.

The treatment is PAIN FREE (well mostly)

With laser hair removal, you need to know what to expect and how the treatment will feel, from the start to the end. Here is the process:

#1 You will have a consultation with the doctor and you explain where you want the treatment , this will also allow you the time to meet with the technician doing the procedure and then this appointment can be booked up. You can ask about the pain of the treatment here.

#2 On the day, the area that is being treated will be cleaned and shaved, this will ensure the safety of the procedure.

#3 After this an anaesthetic is applied; this will numb the area which will make you feel as comfortable as possible during the treatment preventing pain and discomfort.

#4 After this the treatment will begin where you will feel a slight tingling sensation caused by the highly concentrated light which is damaging the hair follicles in order to stop them growing.

#5 In order for you to feel as comfortable as possible another dose of anaesthetic cream will be applied during the treatment which will decrease further tingling sensations that you may or may not be experiencing.

#7 After this treatment, reactions such as redness and swelling will show up on and around the surrounding areas; this is a completely normal reaction so no need to worry and you will be able to get back to normal activities within a matter of hours.

This procedure is becoming more and more popular as people are realising the benefits of it being a permanent, cost effective and pain-free Laser hair removal.

For women, having soft smooth legs in those warmer months is a must. This makes you feel smooth, sexy and most of all confident when you are on the beach or even when you are at work or going shopping. You don’t need to worry about getting up earlier to shave your legs, which is a great bonus.

For men, the benefits are the same. You don’t need to shave every day, you can simply get up and get going.

One laser hair removal clinic said, “Laser hair removal isn’t just something for celebrities anymore. We see many people come in and have treatments on their legs, arms, face and back. If anyone has any hair removal concern, you should come along and discuss your requirements. It can really make a difference to your life in terms of being time effective, cost effective and pain free for most people.”

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