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David Beckham – Fashion And Beauty Icon

David Beckham – Fashion And Beauty Icon


The East End Boy Who Became a National Icon

David Beckham came into his own during the renaissance of British football, a time when players became national and international superstars overnight and an influx of money flooded the game. The players of this era were not only icons but super rich icons with the world as their oyster.

Beckham made his first team debut for his boyhood club, Manchester United, back in 1992, aged just 17. Later he became part of a group of talented young players that were later known as “Fergies Fledglings” and in the 1995 -1996 season after the infamous comment made by pundit Alan Hansen on Match of The Day “You’ll never win anything with kids”, United went on to win the Premier League title with Goldenballs pixel perfect passing and free kicks shooting him to stardom.

David has experienced lows and highs over his successful 20-year football career, but overall, he has established himself as one of England’s best-ever footballers to grace the beautiful game. Making 115 appearances for his country and 394 for Manchester United, his total trophy haul for his boyhood club amounted to 6 Premier League titles and the Champions League.

He has gone on to win the league in 4 different countries – a feat that has never been accomplished by any footballer before him.

Trend It Like Beckham

The truth is, the rest of us mere mortal men hate Beckham. Arguably one of the most handsome men on the face of the planet, he leaves scores of beautiful, adoring women in his wake, making us normal males seem inferior in every respect.

We have seen the many varying hairstyles that David has sported over the years from the shaved head and Mohawk to the boy band curtains and cornrows. I remember the day Beckham was first pictured with the famous Mohawk in the local newspaper, and a week later, the streets were full of little Beckhams, just proving the influence that this man had.

David Beckham is a style icon, and his current and past endorsements have included Armani Underwear (take a deep breath, ladies), Pepsi, Mark and Spencers, Motorola and many others. He went on to launch his first signature fragrance in 2005, and in 2006, he teamed with his wife to launch Intimately Beckham. One of his most recent fragrances is David Beckham Homme which was released around a year and a half ago.

Beckham’s Beauty Secrets

During his playing days for Real Madrid, one of Europe’s most successful football clubs, Beckham unveiled his pampering techniques.

“I’ve learned a lot. Being out in the cold and rain doesn’t help your skin, so moisturiser in the morning is a big thing. And at night it’s the eye cream. A manicure is probably my favourite pampering splurge.”

It is no surprise that he was named the “ultimate metrosexual” by the very man who coined the term. Whether he was seen in a sarong, wearing nail varnish or sporting a combination of the two, there was never any doubt as to his sexuality. His fashion and dress sense may be a little flamboyant for many tastes, but he helped pave the way for a new breed of man, one that takes pride in his appearance and is well groomed…he made it ok for men to ‘really’ care how they looked.

It was also revealed back in 2008 that the secret to his and Posh’s perfectly glowing skin complexion was down to none other than a beauty regime involving bird poo. Yeah you did just read that right, while the majority of us hate falling victim to natures very own A10 Thunderbolt, the Beckahms have been applying bird’s number 2 too their skin for years.

What Next?

Since the recent news of Beckhams retirement which left the nation rocking we are all left wondering what this will mean for the brand which is Beckham. A spokesman on behalf of David said

“Over the next year, we will see his business grow and expand. The sky is the limit really, in terms of what he can do globally”

For now, we can only sit and wait to see what this man has planned for the future.

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