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Shining A Light On Dark Under Eye Circles

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Dark under eye circles are very common for most of us, however there seems to be a common misunderstanding that it is only caused by sleep deprivation. Sure this might be the main culprit but if you are someone who usually heads off to bed while the sun is still shining outside only to get up the next morning and see a pair of dark patches under your eyes you will be happy to know there are other causes.

In this article I will explain the various causes of dark under eye circles and hopefully remove the fog surrounding this subject.

Sleep Deprivation:


As most of you reading this will already know depriving yourself of a good nights quality sleep is the main cause of under eye circles. The reason for this is because lacking in sleep can cause the blood vessels to become prominent under the very thin layer of skin under your eyes. The thin layer of skin means any changes are easily exposed. There are many reasons you may not be getting your recommended 7-8 hours of sleep a night and while some may not be fixable other certainly are. Is it really necessary to stay up till the early hours of the morning banging away on your PS3 control pad? If you are one of those people that stay up late for no real reason then you have just got into a bad routine and this is easily fixable. However some things may be less apparent…maybe you do go bed early but still feel like a zombie in the morning. If this is the case try changing your mattress as your current one may be not comfortable for your body shape.



If you fall into this category then you are quite unfortunate as there is nothing you can do in terms of treating the problem naturally. Since it is recognised as a medical issue it cannot be treated by natural means. Individuals with fairer skin are mostly affected by this genetic condition and if you want to try and rid yourself of them you will have to resort to either surgery or medication. Other options include using cosmetics to cover up the dark circles although this may not be the preferred choice for the fellas reading this.

If genetics are to blame for your dark circles then it would be a good idea not to do anything else that would make the condition worse. Try and limit the following:

• Smoking

• Alcohol

• Excessive use of salt

Too Much Of The Sun:


I know here in England the Sun is not a regular visitor but when we do get a few of the odd rays it is important not to spend too much time in its presence without protection. However don’t take this the wrong way and go extreme by becoming a hermit in your own home and boarding up the windows. As with everything just take the proper precautions – in this particular case by wearing sun cream.

Eating Habits:


I am sure you have heard the saying “you are what you eat”, and to a certain extent this is true. Obviously it doesn’t mean if you eat lots of vegetables you will look like a carrot, instead it refers to if you eat healthily your body will be healthy and look healthy. You should always make sure your body is receiving the required vitamins and minerals – avoid crash diets at all costs!!!



Hang about… didn’t you say earlier that cosmetics could be used to cover up dark under eye circles? Well yes I did but some cosmetics can become the cause of the dark circles instead of helping you cover them up. Stay away from very cheap makeup and if you find a certain brand or product is causing any skin issues then it would be a good idea to see a skin dermatologist. A dermatologist can help tell you what kind of products to avoid and certain ingredients to look out for that could cause you skin problems. In general try to go easy under the eyes where the skin is very sensitive and make sure to wash it off before you hit the hay at night.



Sorry I know this is another that you really didn’t want to hear, well not unless you have discovered the fountain of eternal youth anyway. As we get older the fat pads under the eyes start to naturally shrink which gives the shrunk appearance. There is not much to say on this matter apart from making sure you live a healthy life therefore ensuring you get less skin problems at an elderly age.



A lot of sinus related allergies such as hay fever can make the under area of your eyes appear puffy and swollen. If you have any allergies such as hay fever then try and make sure you treat them as soon as possible to keep the puffiness under control.



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