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Gained Weight? AVOID These 10 Things!


So you have put on some extra weight during the festive period and want to lose it. Don’t worry you are not alone, many people gain weight after Christmas due to eating and drinking in larger than usual quantities.

Some people start to panic and take actions which can actually make the problem worse. Relax, take a breath and stop stressing. There are numerous ways in which to lose weight which mostly consist of a structured exercise plan and a well balanced diet BUT whatever you do, do not do these common mistakes:

Do Not Skip Meals

This may seem like a good idea but studies have shown that it can actually hinder your weight loss success in the long term. Why? When your body isn’t getting what it needs through food it will keep hold of what you do feed it, preparing itself for when you starve it making weight loss very difficult. Also by eating healthily on a regular basis you avoid feeling over hungry which can lead to you making bad choices i.e. them tasty looking biscuits in the fridge.

Do Not Weight Yourself Obsessively. 

Weighing yourself is important if you want to lose weight as your weight is a quantifiable bit of data that tells you if you are heading in the right direction or not. However your should only do this once a week in the morning. Since your body changes throughout the day your weight will fluctuate and will provide you with unreliable readings also by constantly weighing yourself you are adding unnecessary pressure on yourself which can hinder your weight loss attempts


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