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Home Vs Professional Laser Hair Removal

Since the rise in popularity of laser hair removal, there has been an accompanying boom in various home laser kits. These are often sold as “professional” or described as the same technology used in clinics.  Many of the machines on the market for home use are nowhere near as precise or as powerful as professional machines and in order to safely remove hair with laser technology, some quite intense training is necessary!

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Is Laser Hair Removal At Home Effective? 

What Are The Dangers Of Home Laser Hair Removal Devices? 

Why Is Safety Difficult With Laser Hair Removal At Home?

Affordability Of At Home Laser Devices

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Is Laser Hair Removal At Home Effective? 

Each individual will have different needs when it comes to laser hair removal, as some may want to treat larger areas and the colour of the hair often determines the results. At-home devices can lead to patchy results, uneven results, or no results at all. Some factors can be: knowing how frequently to administer the device if the device wavelength doesn’t go deep enough if you have lighter hair, or depending on what stage the hair follicle is in. Hair follicles go through different development stages and it is important to administer laser hair removal during the right stage. 

What Are The Dangers Of Home Laser Removal Devices?

Trying to save money in the long term by purchasing a home kit is falsifying expectations, as the difficulty lies in getting enough depth to remove the hairs permanently. It can also be dangerous and can put those people using the machine at risk of burns, hyperpigmentation, scarring and excessive hair growth.

A simple image search online will reveal disturbing photographs of the damage inflicted by untrained people using laser hair machines….red and sore-looking burns to the areas which have been treated are commonplace. Many of these burns will cause permanent scars. Most beginner devices, however, aren’t as powerful and whilst this can happen, it’s not guaranteed to cause harm.

Why Is Safety More Difficult With Laser Hair Removal At Home?

The difficulty arises from the fact that in order to safely implement a session of laser hair removal, stringent and thorough training is required in order to fully understand the issues which can arise during or after a treatment and to understand how to deal with complications if they should happen. The settings on the average laser machine are complex. It can be difficult to understand the level that is right for your needs and skin. The intensity and frequency haven’t been assessed by a professional, so it is often hard to administer the at-home device laser that will provide the same level of results.

Not everyone has the same amount of pigment within their skin and this is crucial to understanding how to choose the right levels of laser light to apply. Allowing an untrained person to practice laser hair removal is not advisable because of the dangers involved.

Affordability Of At Home Laser Hair Removal Devices

Often, consumers, on the lookout for a cheap laser hair removal machine. This often leads to the purchase of an IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) in the mistaken belief that they are the same as a laser machine. They’re not the same and neither are they the best option for hair removal. These machines do have their uses but as far as hair removal goes, they’re not the best choice because they’re not able to provide as direct a light source as a laser hair removal machine. IPL machines are better for other skin problems such as acne scars or uneven pigmentation. Cheap is not always better when it comes to a laser hair removal device or professional services.

At Home Laser Vs Professional Laser Conclusion

The amount of knowledge needed to safely and successfully remove hair with a laser machine is too great to risk attempting this procedure yourself. At-home devices, however, can provide results but they will never be as effective as a professional salon, as they can determine your needs during the consultation process. A professional can examine your skin and your hair, discuss your medical history and any medication you may be taking and take all of this into account to ensure the safest and most effective treatments are carried out on your skin.

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London Premier Laser Clinic offer laser hair removal services with advanced technology. Our free consultation will assess what your needs are and make a treatment plan suitable for you to gain effective results. We have clinics across London and Surrey, so contact us for more information or to book an initial consultation.

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