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How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?


Parents…They Just Don’t Understand!!!

Mums are always right, trust me, it’s just one of those things. Maybe they hold some mysterious power enabling them to see into the future, or more realistically maybe they just have more experience living on this crazy world we call Earth.

Growing up as teenagers we believed we knew everything and that our parents were simply not cool, they just don’t understand! The giant tattoo of an eagle that takes up the whole of your left side all the way from the middle of your hand to the top of your shoulder is symbolic.  You know…it represents your ability to achieve, to rise above everyone else and be the best.

The irony here however is that once you leave school and take your first steps into the ‘real world’ this tattoo that seemed like a great idea all those years ago instantly becomes a colourful obstacle that will make getting your dream job a whole lot harder.

More Men Regret Having A Tattoo Than Women

A survey carried out by skin experts at Burley General Hospital asked just under 600 people during a 6 month time frame if they regretted there body ink. The results showed that men are more likely to regret having a tattoo than women and 3 times more likely when they were under the age of 16. The results also found that most tattoos that people regretted were positioned on the upper areas of the body.

So What Can I Do If I Want To Remove My Tattoo?

Tattoos can now be removed with the help of modern technology. Laser Tattoo Removal is the most effective way to safely removal unwanted tattoos.

How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

The laser used will produce short pulses of light that safely enter the top layers of the skin which are then absorbed by the tattoo pigment. The energy in the laser causes the pigment to fragment into very small particles which then the body’s own immune system takes care of.

Does It Hurt?

Although everyone has varying pain tolerances many describe the feeling as an elastic band being snapped across the skin.

How Easy Is It To Remove?

Although all tattoos can be removed black ones are the easiest to get rid of as the black pigment absorbs all laser wavelengths where as coloured tattoos can be a little trickier.

Pre Treatment Preparation

Anyone who is worried about the pain can apply prescription anaesthetic cream two hours prior to the treatment which is then wiped off just before the laser treatment begins.

After Care

An antibacterial ointment and dressing will be applied to the area which should be kept clean. It is ok to have a bath or a shower but make sure not to scrub. It is likely your skin will feel sun burnt and a scab might develop – if this is the case it is perfectly normal, try to keep the area well protected and allow the body to repair and heal itself.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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