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Hydrafacial Reviews – Good and Bad

hydrafacial reviews

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Thinking about having a Hydrafacial?

We have rounded up thousands of  Hydrafacial reviews – good and bad – from around the world and UK and reviews left independently by our clients…

…so you can make up you own mind about whether Hydrafacial is the best treatment for you.


Unbiased reviews

We have included good and bad reviews so you get the full picture.

Sometimes it is difficult to know if a Hydrafacial is right for you.

When influencers, celebrities or journalists review Hydrafacials, most have received a free treatment, so they only ever say good things and promote the clinic!.

This makes it hard to get to the truth!.

( Confession time – yes we are a London based, UK clinic and we hope you don’t mind a small plug for our Hydrafacial at the end! – we have also included our bad reviews too to try and remain unbiased! )

hydrafacial reviews

Hydrafacial negative reviews

With skin treatments it is important to remember that if a treatment worked or didn’t work well for someone, it doesn’t mean you will experience the same positive or negative results as them.

Everyone is unique with different:

  • skin tones
  • skin types
  • hormone levels
  • age
  • skin issues
  • lifestyle
  • diets

…so you have to choose a treatment right for you.

Kim Kardashian shows off the results of her Hydrafacial to 100+ million Instagram followers, (it is a big reason why the Hydrafacial is so popular today!) but it doesn’t mean you will get the same results.

The first step to avoid a negative experience is your consultation at the clinic.

hydrafacial model


Before having a Hydrafacial your skin should be properly analysed by an expert. A reputable clinic can give you the best advice for you and your skin.

You may have read Hydrafacial was the best treatment for your pigmentation or acne scarring. After speaking to a specialist a more suitable treatment like microneedling or a peel may be recommended instead.

Positive Hydrafacial reviews

Compared to other treatments Hydrafacial is gentle and non invasive. You generally don’t find many bad reviews about it.

If you search online for bad reviews, they are hard to find. Positive reviews by far outnumber negative ones . See table below. This does not mean there are none. We will get to them shortly.

Skincare model

Gentle water based cleansing and non-practitioner led reduces negative experiences

Hydrafacial uses hydradermabrasion and not microdermabrasion to cleanse the skin. This means water is used and not fine grit-like particles to clean the skin. So less can go wrong.

Also another reason there are not many bad reviews is the treatment is very much ‘non-practitioner led’.

This means results are down to the Hydrafacial equipment and not the skill of the practitioner.

This is important because other facials need an experienced and skilled practitioner. The better they are – the better your results,  and the less risk to you. Hydrafacial is not like this.

hydrafacial model

Quality control reduces poor results

To perform a Hydrafacial you need to be registered with Hydrafacial itself.

This guarantees standards are kept high and there is a consistency with the quality of treatments. Fewer ‘bad’ Hydrafacials are performed.

Therefore you will not find as many bad reviews online as there are for other treatments.

Reasons for bad Hydrafacial reviews

Bad reviews are usually the result of people having false expectations. Clinics make unrealistic promises and exaggerate what the treatment can do.

If you were told your pigmentation or acne scarring will disappear in one session, you will be disappointed when it does not happen.

Also many bad reviews are directed at the clinic or personality of the practitioner – not the results. If you are spending hundreds of pounds you expect to be treated like a valued customer, professionally with exceptional service.

If not…

You are more likely to go online venting your frustrations!.

skincare hydrafacial review

Why Hydrafacial positive reviews outnumber negative

The reason there are more positive reviews online is for many of the reasons above. A huge part is Hydrafacial being gentle on your skin.

Hydrafacial is not like an ablative laser treatment where layers of your skin are removed and lengthy healing and downtime is required.

It is also not like chemical peels where you need to hide away while your skin peels off.

Hydrafacial is popular because most people experience deeply cleansed, smooth and hydrated skin afterwards-  and are happy to talk about it.

The results really speak for themselves.

hydrafacial model

Genuine Hydrafacial reviews

Some treatments are labelled a ‘Hydrafacial’ by a clinic but they do not use the official Hydrafacial equipment.

This is usually because the equipment is expensive and you have to register with Hydrafacial MD.

Make sure if you are considering a Hydrafacial it is by a registered Hydrafacial clinic. They will use genuine Hydrafacial equipment and authentic products and serums.

This may explain some bad reviews. If the results were poor, clients may have thought they were getting a genuine Hydrafacial,as advertised by the clinic – but were not.

Hydrafacial google reviews

Read some of our reviews below taken from Google reviews and These are left independently by our customers and can be viewed on Google the platform. The majority are positive with one negative. Or skip to online review round-up.

  • Soheil R

“”very effective”

“see the difference before and after”

“skin is very clean and refreshed”

  • YJ Wang

“extremely recommend”

“smoother and fresher” 

  • Rohan Turner

“good job on my skin” 

hydrafacial model

  • NIkita Berezin

“enjoyed the experience”

“good job on my face.”

“Highly recommend!”

  • Olga Ludkova

“Skin glows and is very soft after”

“Definitely recommend”

  • Brigita Butvilaite

“absolutely amazing!”

“My skin looks lovely, feels soft and fresh”

  • Mina Mina

“incredibly happy”

“All may be a bit pricey, worth the money”

  • Gina

“fantastic experience”

“my skin looked & felt amazing”

“shocked with the instant results”

  • google ratings
  • Rich Morgan

“My blocked pores were then totally cleared”

“leave my skin glowing”

  • Nasima

“very nice pleasant experience”


“I must say its absolutely amazing!”

“My skin looks lovely, feels soft and fresh. Even after a few days!”

hydrafacial review

Negative hydrafacial google reviews

Baraah D

“treatment only made my face worse”

“£120 down the drain!!”

“Very unsatisfied with the service provided” “wouldn’t recommend”


good and bad review star rating

Medical Reviews

Hydrafacial is a form of Hydradermabrasion. Hydradermabrasion has been researched and reviewed in several studies which are listed here if you want to further your research.

Hydradermabrasion: An Innovative Modality for Nonablative Facial Rejuvenation

Skin resurfacing procedures: new and emerging options

Round up of internet hydrafacial reviews

The number one search result for ‘Hydrafaical review’ is a review by a lady called Jess Ann Kirby. The page is called ‘ my honest review of the Hydrafacial’.

(To read the full review just google her name with the word Hydrafacial)

She sums up her long article with the following words to describe her treatment :

“Worth it – it’s consistently good results every time”

She also talks about how she saves up for treatments.  She cuts back on other expenses so she can treat her skin regularly.

She goes on to say her results last up to a month. Then her skin becomes duller and she starts thinking about having another one.

hydrafacial logo

hydrafacial good & bad reviews round-up

Hydrafacial is one of the highest rated and best reviewed treatments in the aesthetic industry. To save you searching online we have summarised the ratings from a number of review sites below.

You can visit the sites to read individual reviews in depth.

Site  Total  Good Bad
realpatientsrating . com 1500+ 96% 4%
916 910 6
Hydrafacial . com 1710 4.8 / 5 0.2/ 5
Skn clinics 250 95% 5%
realself . com 583 98% 2%


  • Website realpatientsrating . com have over 1500+ Hydrafaical reviews.
  • They claim a 96% patient satisfaction based on 1694 ratings
  • There are also 916 reviews which you can read through. Only 6 of the 916 reviews have 1 star.
  • Most criticise the personality of the practitioner, not results
  • 86% rate it as 5 star – with 4% giving it 1-3 stars.
  • realself . com has 585 reviews at 98%
  • Hydrafacial have 1710 reviews at 4.8/5

Hydrafacial negative side effects

Realself also have a page about a reviewers bad experience in a Newcastle clinic in the UK. They claim their skin turned red and blotchy days afterwards. They use words like

  • Tight
  • Painful
  • Dry
  • Flaky

Again this review is available publicly online. Comments below the article hint they may have had an allergic reaction to the Hydrafafacial. Allergies can often be the cause of negative Hydrafacial experiences.

hydrafacial model


  • Hydrafacial has overwhelmingly positive reviews.
  • 2 millions Hydrafaicals were performed in 2017.
  • It is hard to find many negative reviews online.
  • This does not mean it is right for you.
  • Always use a reputable clinic where you feel comfortable and your practitioner is professional and friendly.
  • Seek professional advice before undergoing any skin treatment.
  • Remember celebs, influencers and journalists often receive free treatments so their Hydrafacial reviews may be biased.
  • Hydrafacial is a gentle water based treatment & non invasive.
  • Always used a registered Hydrafacial clinic using genuine equipment and products.
  • Have realistic expectations from the start avoid clinics over-promising.

next Steps (our plug!)

As promised in the intro – our mini plug …..If you live in London and are interested in having a Hydrafacial speak to one of our practitioners today. We have 9 clinics in London and are Londons largest independent skin and laser specialists. We perform hundreds of Hydrafacials every month so you are in safe hands 😉

Hydrafacial video

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