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Intimate Bikini and Underarm Lightening Treatments

Intimate Bikini and Underarm Lightening Treatments

Intimate Bikini Lightening Treatments

Many women & men experience skin discolouration and dark patches around the bikini line, intimate areas, perianal and between legs.

Bikini/Intimate Area Discoloration: What causes it?

Whats causes pigmentation around the intimate areaS? This varies from person to person as there’s various reasons for skin darkening or discolouration around the bikini area. Some causes may be a result from age, genetics, friction etc.



intimate area discolouration may be caused by friction, which contributes to hyperpigmentation. Some of the causes may be:

  • Tight clothing
  • Restive garments
  • Regular skin rubbing
  • Exercise
  • Sex

Everyday activities can produce excess amounts of keratin, which also contains melanin. The overproduction of these elements can, in turn, cause darkening or discoloration of the skin.


As we all know, our bodies change as we age. Especially in the pubic area, the skin’s elasticity and thickness can change over time. As skin’s thickness reduces and fatty tissues become thinner, pigmentation occurs, and the areas can darken as a result.


One of the most common reasons for skin discolouration in the pubic area is a hormonal imbalance or even just increased hormone production. Estrogen plays a main role here, as excess or sudden rise in the production of the hormone also creates melanin production.

Genetic Conditions

If you’ve ever wondered, “Why is my private area black?” the culprit could be PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome. Many women with PCOS experience a presence of dark patches around the vaginal or pubic areas. PCOS causes excessive production of androgen, a male sex hormone, which can cause a change in the colour of the pubic area.

Intimate Bikini and Underarm Lightening Treatments

Waxing & shaving

One of the most common reasons for hyperpigmentation around the bikini area is hair removal. Hair removal methods such as waxing, shaving and epilator techniques may cause skin darkening in these areas. Many clients notice pigmentation over time due to this.

Does Shaving Darken the Pubic Area?

Shaving results in ingrown hairs, irritation and razor burns. Regular shaving causes sensitive skin due to exfoliation of the pubic area, which leaves the area prone to friction and rubbing, which results in dark patches.

How Can I Lighten My Inner Thighs and Pubic Area?

Treatments for Hyperpigmentation in the intimate area:

In certain circumstances, pubic area discolouration is preventable. If the source of your discolouration is caused by shaving and waxing or friction.

Intimate Bikini and Underarm Lightening Treatments

1. Laser Hair Removal

One of the BEST alternatives to waxing and shaving is laser hair removal. 

Laser hair removal does what waxing and shaving cannot – it penetrates the skin to destroy the follicle from the root and permanently reduces hair growth. It provides a far more ‘permanent’ hair removal solution than waxing or shaving. Laser hair removal London offerings help prevent in-grown hairs and sensitive skin caused by waxing and shaving and help rejuvenate and improve skin texture.

Intimate Bikini and Underarm Lightening Treatments

2. Dermamelan

A Dermamelan peel is a facial skin peel treatment by mesoaesthetics designed to improve stubborn hormonal-based pigmentation conditions such as melasma, chloasma & lentigo. This is a non-laser treatment with 90% reduction in pigmentation in 1 session.

Gynaeco-aesthetic treatments have experienced a growing worldwide demand and have become one of the fastest-growing disciplines due to women searching for solutions to correct imperfections in the intimate area.

Intimate hyperpigmentation is a growing concern. The negative impact on the patient’s physical and psycho-emotional well-being is leading to increasing consultations in daily gynaecological practice.

Pigmentation in the intimate area is multifactorial in origin: the ageing of tissue, a genetic predisposition and external factors, such as rubbing of the skin, depilation, wearing tight clothing and hormonal changes (due to using contraceptives, pregnancy, etc.), can cause the intimate area to darken.Mesoestetic® shows a unique method to correct pigmentation imperfections in a single clinical session and improve the quality, turgor, and appearance of the intimate area. It is specifically formulated to be effective and respect the characteristics of the skin in that area.

Dermamelan® intimate is the anti-ageing depigmentation method that provides a corrective, regulating action, achieving an effective result in the short and long term to correct hyperpigmentation of:

  • genital-perineal area
  • perianal area
  • mons pubis
  • inner thighs and groins

Intimate Bikini and Underarm Lightening Treatments

3. ClearSkin Laser by Harmony XL PRO

Clearlift Laser is a QSwitch laser used in pigmentation and dark patches on the body.. This collagen-producing laser treatment can be used on the face to improve skin quality, prevent ageing and reduce swelling by stimulating lymphatic drainage.

ClearLift Laser Bikini & Underarm Brightening is a laser treatment device that works to rejuvenate your skin from within and help reduce hyperpigmentation. It provides excellent results with minimal downtime and no skin damage. Harmony XL Pro is already incredibly popular in Hollywood thanks to the excellent results it provides.

The ClearLift by Harmony can be used anywhere on the body to help reduce dark patches caused by hyperpigmentation, hormones, friction or other, Rejuvenate and brighten the dark pigmentation around the bikini and underarm area with ClearLift laser. Works by breaking down the pigment with ClearLift laser.

Can be used on:

  • Dark patches around the bikini
  • Underarms
  • Buttocks
  • Backe back acne
  • Strawberry Legs
  • Body Pigmentation
  • Face

Intimate Bikini and Underarm Lightening TreatmentsConsulting a skin expert

At Premier Laser & Skin Clinic we recommend booking a complimentary consultation with our highly skilled practitioners in-order to asses what treatment you need and suitable for.

In Summary

Overall, we can all agree that experiencing skin darkening around the bikini line or pubic area is extremely common and very normal for anyone to experience.

Thankfully, if you’re left feeling insecure for any reason due to your dark patches, there are a variety of options to choose from to both treat and prevent discolouration of the bikini line.

At Premier Laser & Skin Clinic—Soho Branch, we offer incredible one-on-one complimentary skin consultations. Book your consultation today.


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