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Lose Weight With These 5 Proven Weight Loss Tips


Start Losing Weight Today

Losing weight is something most adults have wanted to do at some time or another and unless you’re blessed with a naturally speedy metabolism, then it’s not always an easy road! Of course the answer is to eat less and exercise more but in practice, many people find this a real struggle. A combination of a busy lifestyle and food addictions can make the road to weight loss a bit of a bumpy journey!

Aside from the obvious health benefits of being the right weight for your age and height, there are of course the cosmetic implications involved. Being able to wear well fitting clothes which look good is a real carrot for most people who embark on a weight-loss programme. The misery of squeezing into too-tight jeans or a top which is unflattering can be the catalyst required for many people to start looking at the best ways to drop a few pounds.

Tips to keep the weight down

Getting to your ideal weight quickly is what most people are looking to do and the following tips will certainly help to ensure that the weight loss regime which you embark on isn’t longer than it should be!

  • Have a good breakfast and stop the cravings

:Easier said than done right? Wrong. Most of us turn to junk food during the day because we’re not making the right choices when it comes to breakfast. Many people either skip breakfast or drink coffee and have a fatty snack such as a pastry or sugary cereal. This is only going to cause your energy levels to plummet way before lunchtime and it will increase your desire to fill up with crisps, chocolate and other “quick fix” foods. Eat a good breakfast which will see you through for longer; porridge or eggs are a great choice as both release energy slowly allowing you to go for longer on less. If you do feel hungry mid-morning have a piece of fruit!

  • Get yourself moving

Even if you hate the thought of the gym, you can add more exercise to your daily routine and you don’t need to pay out a lot of money to do it. Start walking or cycling to work if possible and if it’s not possible then add a walk, run or cycle to your evening routine. You don’t need to go far at first; if you’re very unused to exercise then a stroll up and down the street will do as a starter. Gradually increase the length of your walks and you will find that your ability increases very quickly.

  • Fat Dissolving Injections & Coolsculpting

If you really want to speed things up…maybe so that you can fit into a special outfit by a certain date, then fat dissolving injections are a fantastic opportunity to wave bye bye to those unsightly lumps and bumps. Targeted at your problem areas, fat dissolving injections work by sending special water based fat dissolving solution called Aqualyx straight to the area that you want treated.

Plant polymers in the solution bind with the fatty tissue’s cell walls and cause it to rupture and dissolve. Basically it liquefies the fat and it leaves your body through urination. What could be easier?

Well may be Coolsculpting could!. It freezes fat in stubborn areas like love handles, or chin fat to make it disappear forever. To read more about how it works visit our Coolsculpting page.

  • Drink more water:

Water is an excellent aid to weight loss as it not only fills you up but also helps you to rid yourself of toxins.

  • Brush your teeth:

Whenever you find yourself craving junk food, whip out your toothbrush and clean your teeth. The minty flavour of toothpaste will distract you and put you off food for a while.

Losing weight is easy once you begin to see results and with treatments such as fat dissolving injections or fat freezing readily available there’s simply no need to struggle on alone![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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