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More women prefer their men hair free and skin-smooth

Despite the visible rise in the number of men following the facial hair trend, under their clothes our fellers are getting less hairy. The Daily Mail reports that the demand for male waxing has risen 56 per cent in the past year, as more men choose to tidy things up around their body. Many men are choosing to go completely hairless, while others are indulging in a spot of ‘manscaping’, the art of keeping things tidy and within the lines, while still retain the natural look.

What women want?

From our own data at Premier Laser Clinic, we have seen a rise in the number of women buying vouchers for their partners or for male friends. Undoubtedly this is a (not so small) hint that women prefer their men to be more well-groomed under their shirts, and that being completely ‘au naturel’ is maybe not as attractive as some men might think.

AskMen surveyed a number of British women on male hairiness, and discovered that some areas were seen as more acceptable than others in terms of fluffiness:

  • Chest: Lots of women actually don’t mind a hairy chest. In fact, 76 per cent of the surveyed women said they like a bit of hair on a chest, although this was further clarified when 66 per cent said they did not like the hair to cover the stomach.
  • Armpits: Over 90 per cent of women said they expected their man to have some sort of hair under their armpits, and that it would look weird if they were completely shaved. However, they also said they liked it if a man kept things trim under there.
  • Arms and legs: The surveyed women said unanimously that hairy legs and arms were normal on a guy. However, they would still like to see skin through the hair, which can be awkward for those naturally uber hairy guys. They also said it would be hilarious if a guy removed his chest / stomach hair but left two furry legs below it, so if you’re into hair removal on your front, think about thinning out further down too.
  • Pubic hair: Nobody likes to be greeted by an untamed bush. Women are expected to keep things in check, but many men seem to think the rule doesn’t apply. Well, listen up boys, because 88 per cent of ladies in the AskMen survey stated that they would like their men to keep things neat down there.
  • Bottoms: 75 per cent of women said that they found hairy butts a turn off, so this is a prime area for laser hair removal for men.
  • Back: Sad to say it, but the rumours about back hair are true. A massive 93 per cent of women said that they hated back hair, and thought that men should go the extra mile to deal with it.

If you’re starting to think you should deal with some of your man hair, or indeed that you wish your partner would groom up a bit better, laser hair removal in London could be the answer to your prayers.

What you need to know about laser hair removal for men

Beauty for men is no longer a taboo subject. With style icons like David Beckham openly getting regular beauty treatments, more men are spending time in the salon to keep their mind and body in tip-top form. One in three men admit to having a treatment at least once a month, with hot shaves, manicures and massages top on their list of indulgencies.

As a treatment, laser hair removal is a great way to tackle wanted hair. It’s less painful and damaging than waxing and, after a course of treatments, your hair will actually stop growing back. This will save you money and hassle in the long run, and will put you in control of your bodily hair for the rest of your life.

Why to start your course now

Now is the time to start your treatment if you’re keen to be hair free for next summer season. It takes around 8 to 10 treatments to remove hair and stop regrowth; around 10 months for most people. So by starting now you can enjoy excellent results right away, and be ready to bare your body on the beach next summer!

Here at Premier Laser Clinic, we’re one of only a handful of places that can offer you full male body hair removal. We specialise in working with all types of skin and hair, from dark or Asian complexions to sensitive skin and fine hair. We work with transsexual and transgender individuals too, and aim to formulate a treatment plan that addresses their individual concerns.

Our specialist practitioners perform over 2000 procedures each month using the latest generation technology. Each client’s treatment plan is bespoke designed for them, and targets the areas they want to get a grip on, whether that’s a large area such as the chest or back, or a smaller, more intimate area.

If you’re thinking about laser hair removal our clinic in London can help. Call us today for an appointment to discuss your hair removal needs, and see for yourself why more men are choosing to laser away their unsightly fur.

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